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Paying a bet

Starbase Bravo
10 June 2400
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Stepping out of the sonic shower in his room S’Atilen was quite surprised when he heard a familiar voice coming from the shared area of the quarters

Tazzeth is that you I hear out there?

(chuckling) Can’t get must past a caitian can you, that hearing of yours.

Give me a minute and I’ll come out and give you a hand? When did you arrive?

I got in about an hour ago or so, I decided to stay on the planet for an extra couple days to get some R&R in before reporting in. 

(S’Atilen walks into the shared area of the quarters) I have done much out here as I didn’t know who I would be rooming with and I didn’t want to be stepping on any toes figured it would be better to be safe than sorry.

See’s Tazzeth duck into his personal space and follows him to the doorway. There not much but definitely better than we had at the academy. Enough room for what a e person needs. See’s the PADD on the side table by the door. I see you got assigned to the planetology labs, that’s where you wanted to get assigned If I remember correctly.

Tazzeth takes a big breath inhaling the fumes from the attached breathing adapter in front of his mouth and nose. Yes, yes, I got the department I wanted should be a good place to start in the field as this star base gets a lot of information coming through it as the assigned Task Forces and ships send everything back through here.

Taking another breath. Is it true I heard that Kr’Antren got a Raven and a first command, good for him? Do you think he will select you to join him? Got to be weird be selected for command as an Ensign, though I guess it would be about time for him to be promoted.

(S’Atilen chuckles) Yaaaa, not sure how he pulled that one off, I’ll have to get the full story from him some time. Which reminds me I have to go get him a certain brandy for winning the bet between the two of us on who would get a command first. And no, I don’t think he will. He knows I have a particular posting and position I would like to achieve first.

Ahhh yes, the intelligence area, do you think you will be able to get in.

I’m not to sure they put me in communications, that being said it is a good stepping stone that fits my particular skills which could open doors into that area. Guess we will have to wait and see.

Well, I’m going to finished getting dressed and head off to the promenade to find a merchant whom hopefully has a good bottle of the brandy and doesn’t try to gauge me on the price.

A couple hours later S’Atilen returns to his room with two finely crafted wooden boxes that according to the merchant make excellent display pieces which hold not only the bottle of liqueur but also a set of four glasses that are the preferred drinking glass for the type of liqueur inside. He also has a bottle of each with glasses but no display box just a simple box that the items normally come in. 

Computer let us finish our conversation on Vulcan History, set a one-hour time limit and let us discuss it in Saurian tonight. Also please keep track from now on which languages we have already used and let me know if we use the same one more than once every three weeks.

****** The next day*******

The next day after work shifts are completed, S’Atilen walks into the shared quarters finding Tazzeth running around the shared space and his personal space quickly trying to repack his bags that he had only just unpacked less than 16 hours ago.

Whoa what’s the issue? Slow down Tazzeth, breath.

S’Atilen I’ve been reassigned, I barely reported in this morning and they LT called me into the office and informed that I have been reassigned to the USS Rhyndacus. S’Atilen that is your brothers ship, I’ve been assigned to the Science Bridge slot on Kr’Antren’s ship. Did you have something to do with this? Did you recommend me?

It wasn’t me Tazzeth, I have talked to Kr’Antren since he left to the Devron Fleet yards. I only heard that he got the ship through the same channels you did. I’m still quite surprised that he got it as an Ensign to tell you the truth. Maybe he recognized your name from knowing that we where friends at the academy.

That must be it, though I wonder why me versus someone with more experience? Unless some one else gave him some recommendations or was my name offered just because I’m the newest officer in the science department. Takes a deep breath from his breathing adapter. Well, I guess you will have to wait a bit longer to get a new roommate. 

(chuckles) True, but it is what it is. When do you report? 

Now, like as soon as possible. They have been docked since early this morning and are preparing to depart early tomorrow morning for our first mission. So, I need to get moving. Hmm docking bay Zulu 114. Ugh that’s way on the other side.

Well, here let me help you and we will go together. Besides I have a couple things to take to Kr’Antren (looks over at the two display boxes). 

Several minutes later Tazzeth with his Duffel slung over his shoulder and S’Atilen carrying a wooden box in each arm arrive at Docking port Zulu 114. Notices the group of folks making their way on to the ship. Several in Red shirts.

Hmmm Tazzeth that’s a few command types right there, wonder what is going on.

One of the people turn around and give S’ATilen a once over, nods their head and turns back to some of the folks in front of him, saying something that S’Atilen can’t quite make out with the other conversations going on around the busy docking port rings. One of them holds up their hand and turns around to S’Atilen.

It’s Ensign S’Atilen isn’t it? Hmmm yes, yes, I think you would do well to be here for this.

Yes sir, that is correct I’m Ensign S’Atilen. If I may ask sir? What is this about? Did my brother do something already that he is in trouble for?

(chuckles) No, no, let’s just say mum is the word for right now, we don’t want him finding out beforehand no would we.

The person beside the Commander, a Lt, gives S’Atilen a quick wink and flashes a little black felt covered box that he is holding in his hand.

Ahhh yes sir, Got it. 

As Tazzeth is about to enter the docking ring and a red shirt acting as the RhynDacus deck officer asks for his PADD.

Ahhh yes, I’m ensign Tazzeth reporting for Duty.

Ahh yes sir, you’re the last of the crew to check in. (Looking at down at his PADD) Looks like quarters 3R is the only one available sir. I was also reminded to inform you that their will be an all hands meeting at 0800 tomorrow morning in the captain’s ready room.

Thank you, petty officer, quarters 3R

S’Atilen and Tazzeth make their way onto the USS Rhyndacus, Tazzeth towards his new quarters and S’Atilen follows the small command group towards the bridge.