Part of USS Neptune: Fear The Darkness and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

Chapter 4: The Enemy That You Thought You Knew

Bridge, RSN Terrh
February 28th 2400
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Teral sat in silence on the bridge watching the scenes that unfolded in front of her. She had been hiding in the system observing per her superiors, but she had her own reasoning for it, though they didn’t need to know that.  

She watched in glee as so many Federation ships began to warp into the system. She was ready to destroy them. It would be ironic to some being she was half human, but that was a truth few knew and fewer still that lived to tell anyone that secret. The truth was she was half human, but that was because her mother fell in love with a Federation prisoner and saved him from death. The two loved Teral with everything in them and because of that she always loved her father. What the Romulans lacked in manners they made up for in their love life.  

She grinned as she thought about her parents, but that didn’t change the fact that the inevitable was coming to pass. Her thoughts were interrupted.  

“Commander that seemed to be the bulk of Federation ships entering this system. We cannot ascertain a flagship, but there is a few ships that could damage us if we’re discovered.“

”You dare question my orders.” she said slamming her fist down on her chair.  

The Officer looked at her and stammered “No Commander..I I just never mind.“ and he ran off.

Teral grinned that particular officer was a pushover, but good at his job which is why she kept him. She propelled herself out of her chair her hair whipping from the sudden movement. She walked up to the viewscreen and looked closely as the ships started to diff areas in the system. Her nostrils flared at the sight of so many Federation vessels. She whipped back around and looked at her crew. “You know the orders if you have a problem with them you also know the alternative.“ She said sternly observing the looks of the crew around her. 

After a moment of silence, she smiled and motioned for them to continue their duties.  

Meanwhile on the USS Neptune

Michael watched as the ship entered the system and felt uneasy something didn’t seem right, but he didn’t know what. It seemed like something was in the darkness and he didn’t know what. He was very uneasy but knew that he was on the right track.

“Let’s start the surveys of the system and see if we can learn anything. Watch out for any suspicious readings.”

OOC: This is short just to tease what comes next.