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No longer a cadet.. part 2

Starbase Bravo
5 June 2400
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Exiting the shuttle S’Atilen looks around ears twitching as he listens to the guidance of the various dock workers around him pointing him towards the turbo lifts while also looking for the Deck Officers he knows should be around here waiting on the new arrivals such as him and the others he came up with.. Ladies and Gents, I believe the deck officers are over that way by those turbo lifts on the left hand side.

S’Atilen shrugs the duffel on his shoulder into a spot where it will not be bumped into by others in the dock and makes his way towards the deck officers..

”englyDuvaD jatlh ghllghameS“ as he proceeds to to the deck officer in front of him noticing that the ensign is Klingon.. 

(deck officer looks up from his PADD, noticing the ensign in front of him) Not bad Klingon there ensign, PADD please.. ahh yes, Ensign S’Atilen your assigned to the operations department. A couple days early from the looks of it but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind you reporting in early with all the crises summit issues going on. I’ve marked your assigned quarters on your PADD. Welcome to Starbase Bravo..

several minutes later S’Atilen arrives at his assigned quarters, double checks the name plate to make sure he is at the correct ones.. upon entering he realizes that his suite mate has not arrived yet.. He drops his duffel in the shared area and walk into his personal space.. noticing the crates he can’t but help to let out a slight chuckle at what favors Kr’Antren had to call in in order to get those to his room already.. oh well his loss is my gain..

The first crate that he opens is one of three from Star Fleet Academy – Earth.. opening it he let out a slight purr seeing the loving care it was packed probably by his mom. he takes out the unassembled table and looks down at the 3/5 scale copy of the Earthen stone known as the Rosetta Stone.. looking around his room and noticing corner of the room that his desk sits he decides that would be a good spot for it.

S’Atilen  spends the next few hours unpacking his crates and his duffel putting everything away in some sort of an order where he hopefully doesn’t forget where he put it all..

We’ll I guess I can walk around the promenades see if there is anything else I may need for the quarters, pick it up now before some emergency hits that we may need the items.. Besides stopping my Cosmo coffee and getting a cup of the real stuff sounds nice right about now before dinner time.. as he steps through the door to his new quarters nodding to few folks he knows and a few that he doesn’t but can only assume that they are his new neighbors..


  • It's quite adorable seeing how close S'Atilen is with his family. I also found it fascinating that he had a Rosetta Stone keepsake, but it built perfectly atop his use of Klingonese. Little touches like that build up and add complexity to a character, which makes reading them fun. The reader can start to build a picture in their head out of all the little moments. It's refreshing seeing his experience so-far, too. It's really quite relatable: just someone experiencing a move to a distant city, settling in, trying to get his bearings. That natural nature of the storytelling makes it easy to follow as well as enjoyable to read.

    June 5, 2022