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Part of Starbase Bravo: Q2 2400

Finding his purpose…

Starbase Bravo
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Shuttlecraft – 1000

Reade sat next to the pilot and admired the complexity of actually flying one of these things, if it wasn’t compensating for interference it was also keeping an eye out not to slam into anything from any one direction.

The pilot contacted the Starbase for clearance to dock. “Yorkshun to Starbase, requesting permission to enter the shuttle bay, 2 on-board” he said with haste.

The request lit up on the display in front of him and it seemed the shuttle was granted access to the dock, Reade turned to the pilot and probed him a bit for information on the Starbase itself. “So…” he said trying to break the ice, “I hear this place is buzzing with activity?”.

The pilot smiled with a confusing look on his face which took Reade aback, “That look doesn’t seem too reassuring” Reade said, with a nervous laugh leaving his voice.

The shuttlecraft swung around into a reverse maneuver which he had not seen before, again, the skill being the ever-popular demand to be behind this thing.

Shuttlebay 1040

Reade stepped out from the craft, feet finally touching his new posing. The bay was bustling with life around him, all kinds of species, equipment, talking, and yelling around his head. 

Without warning, he was flung a PADD into his chest by another crew member and suddenly an Ensign was standing in front of him.

“Reade I presume?” the Ensign said without looking up from his own PADD. “Yes sir” Reade replied, trying to keep his calm in the mess going on around him. “Sorry for all the bustle” the Ensign slapped his way “We are trying to get this place empty for the turnaround, and new teams coming aboard need to be hurried along, don’t take it personally, here are your assignment details, you will find a route to your Quarters on the PADD itself, get settled in and report to the CSO this afternoon to check in fully”

Reade took the PADD which was already lodged into his hand “How did he do that…?” and the Ensign was already moving onto the next craft entering the bay.

Reade took a wide look around him and thought it best to get out of the way, he picked up his bag which fell to the ground during the encounter and proceeded to walk towards the exit. 

Reade’s Quarters (Desk 452) – 1055

Reade finally found his place of residence for a good while to come, pressed the entry button and the door slid open. 

The interior was unlike no other Starbase resting, plain, simple, and very Starfleet. He had noticed 2 single beds on each side of the room, he was normally used to sharing a room with someone else “Good for the company” he thought to himself. 

Having served on the USS Gantry prior to this, it would take some adjustment to the way of working.

Placing his bag on the bed he sat alongside it and took a moment to himself, his memory of his father suddenly flew back into his head, and his strange disappearance, something Reade had pushed out of his head since his reassignment to Bravo.