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Candy from a Pakled

Civilian In-Processing
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Runaite held fast to her right arm up near the shoulder. Removing it only to again review the wet smear of verdant on her palm, she replaced it. A singular green bead had escaped the opening in her arm and ventured toward her elbow.

“I need a doctor,” she said, but her words were barely audible in the mass of people, all shouting and pushing and moving and pointing and, “I need a doctor.” Her words were about as noticeable as her sub five foot height in a crowd of people mostly taller than she.

Runaite rather enjoyed her short stature, though it was not to last long once she reach her teenage years. For now though, being only 9 years of age, the less she was noticed and the less people attended to her, the better.

“I need a doctor,” she said again and a blue uniformed Starfleet type appeared ahead as the crowd parted just a bit. Runaite shouldered and elbowed her way to the uniform’s location. All the while doing her best to press her hand against the cut on her shoulder. “Are you a doctor,” she called out to him as she arrived.

The uniform nodded, noticed the situation and pulled a portable dermal regenerator.

“Here,” he said as he knelt down to her height, “Let me see.” The uniform gently pulled her hand away from her shoulder to reveal the cut. He was quick with the dermal regenerator as she scanned it over her injury.

Runaite flicked her eyes back and forth between the uniform and her wound but was more closely studying the dermal regenerator. She felt the cut close and the pain wane away. In just a few short seconds, the cut was completely gone and only a verdant smear gave any indication that she had even been injured. The uniform pulled a rag from his pocket but it was too late as Runaite was already wiping her hand on her own shirt. She did take the rag though.

As planned, one of the older kids showed and ‘accidentally’ bumped into the knelt down uniform. Runaite placed her foot behind the foot the uniform balanced most of his weight on and gave him a hard push. A flail of his arms proved no use as he was sent sprawling about on the floor. The gaggle of people around had to watch their footing for that short moment and, during that short moment, Runaite planted a knee on the uniform’s arm and grabbed at the dermal regenerator. Snatching it, she shot up and started away. The uniform called out but Runaite had already disappeared into the crowd. Her short stature shielding her from discovery. Another bit of armor was that simply describing her as a ‘female Romulan child’ accurately described about half of the Romulan children there already. ‘A female Romulan child with a Starfleet issued dermal regenerator’ was a better descriptor so Runaite knew she had to offload it fast.

Runaite made her way away from the mass conglomeration of multitudinous persons that the Starfleet uniforms were having to deal with and to sort, bolted through a door, down a corridor, rounding and intersection, down another corridor, into an open hatch someone referred to as Jefferies, down an length of latter, out another hatch, into and through another civilian area, through another door, navigating yet another system of corridors and into an old storage room and current headquarters.

Runaite held out the dermal regenerator and even tossed it up, allowing it to flip in the air before catching it a few times as she strolled up to the alpha, another girl, maybe 13 years old and half Cardassian half something else, but she did not really know. Nor did she care all that much. It did not really matter either. She was the alpha.

Runaite arrived at her location and handed over the dermal regenerator.

“You got it,” said the alpha, rather surprised.

“Like taking candy from a Pakled,” Runaite replied.

“Looks like we may make a Space Girl out of you yet.”


  • Hahaha, brilliant introduction for Runaite and the Space Girls. The scheme to grab the derma regenerater would totally work in the situation and a useful tool to the gang. Just hope they aren't up to anything more serious...

    June 2, 2022
  • Uh-oh, we got juvenile delinquents over here! As I was reading, I found myself questioning things like the child recognizing the dermal regenerator and paying attention to it while hurt, so to have that emerge as the actual point of the story was grand. A normal hurt kid wouldn't be focused on the regenerator, but this kid? Well, this kid had a plan the whole time. :D I'm also naturally quite worried about this group of kids... doesn't this starbase have a school?! (A Keiko O'Brien reference is not one I thought I'd be pulling out any time soon, but there you are). Definitely sets me up to want to know more about these kids!

    June 3, 2022