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Part of USS Denver: The Fujiwhara Effect and USS Denver: Eye of the Storm

The Waiting and The Searching

USS Watership
March 10th, 2400
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USS Watership – Bridge – 0700

“It is very strange.” Lieutenant Keira Mitsak was sitting at her station at the rear of the bridge.  Next to her was her first officer, Lieutenant Commander Alexandra Hoyt.  They had spent much of yesterday trying to reach the Heracles through the various points in the nebula had identified.  There had been no response on any frequency, channel, or anything.  Mitsak had run the gamut of reactions as the day wore on and her frustration had become palpable enough that her CO had told her to take last night off.  She slept fitfully and was back at her console trying for an answer.

Hoyt shook her head, “They might have left the sector for something or someone.  You said so yourself, the signal is getting through the rifts.  It’s just not getting received and connected.”  She sat back in her chair, “You know you did it right the first time, Keira.”

The Science Chief scrunched up her nose in a quasi grimace at her attempt to remind her of her talents, “So much is riding on this, Alex.”  She hunched over her console, tapping through scans, reports, and details regarding the repeated attempts to reach the USS Heracles.  She gave her FO a side glance, “The captain’s daughter is over there somewhere…Admiral Talon’s son…it’s hard not to second guess yourself with all that going on.”

Hoyt put her hand on Mitsak’s shoulder, “You’re doing just fine, Keira.  Keep working your magic and we’ll find them.”  Alex returned to the center chair, accepting the cup of steaming coffee from the yeoman as she sat down.

USS Watership – Engineering – 0715

“The shield generators are nearly repaired and recharged.  They took a heavier hit than we thought, Captain.  We should have them at 100% within the hour.”   The tall and lanky figure of Chief Engineer Lieutenant Lawrence Kelley stood at a console with Captain Peter Crawford pointing out the various items on the punch list.  “The hull repairs are coming along – we’ll still need time in a Starbase to get a permanent fix but with the extra time we’ve got waiting for them to pick up, we’ll be able to get the Watership in better shape,” he spoke, his voice deep and soulful.  He handed the PADD back to his CO, “We’ve identified some improvements on the power conduits and energizers that could help us if we have to do more fancy footwork.”

Crawford gave the man a nod of thanks, “Chief, you and your crew have done an incredible job.  I’m not going to promise a smooth ride when we get back into it.”

Kelley shrugged, “Bumpy rides are what make this job, sir.  You learn with the bumps.  I’d not trade those moments for anything.”  Crawford shook his hand and headed to his next stop.

USS Watership – Main Sickbay– 0730

He stepped into sickbay and walked among the remaining patients from the adventure a few days prior checking with them and seeing how they were doing.  Crawford made sure to speak to the ones who were awake and spend time at each bed.  The injured remained at 25, and several of those were coming out of intensive care later today.  A moment later he stepped inside his XO’s office, “Good morning, Doctor Keystone.”

The grey-haired woman glanced up from her desk where PADDs littered the surface and a few books splayed across as well.  She stood, all 5’6 of her, and greeted him, “Good morning Captain Crawford.  You’ve seen those that remain.”  She gestured to the chair and continued as he sat, “We were very lucky this time, Crawford.  Thanks to some good old-fashioned prep work and excellently trained response teams we didn’t lose anyone.”  She leaned forward at her desk, “You know what I’m going to say.”

Peter put up his hands in mock surrender, “You’re my squeakiest wheel, XO, and I wouldn’t trade you for anyone.  I know, I’m not a doctor or medical or anything.  The risk I’m taking here flies in the face of reasonable thought.”

She smiled thinly, “Reasonable thought goes out the window when your child’s life is threatened, Captain.  Your risk is very understandable…but I am only here to remind you of the care and craft you must show to this ship and her crew.  We are not a battleship or some cruiser ready to put down the enemy.  We’re the ones who end up healing all that blood and burn.”

Peter felt her kind words, brash as they were, wash over him.  She was cantankerous, but she cared.  “Your advice is heard and always encouraged, Lieutenant Commander.”

She gave him a nod, “As are your visits, Captain.”

Crawford thanked her and headed for the bridge.  It felt like they were running out of time, but the clock didn’t make sense.