Part of Starbase Bravo: Q2 2400

A Death Back to the Future, X

Corridor, Infirmary 4
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Corridor – 1015

Longfellow walked, his mind processing what had happened.  He felt that he might need to walk for quite some time to process all that had happened.  He turned a corner and continued, thinking of the Vulcan woman’s impact on him.  She’d left him with a desire for friendship, and for hope.  Was this how he would figure out how to reconcile with his future here on Starbase Bravo?

He continued down the corridors until he looked up and realized he’d wandered off the beaten path into a quieter hallway.  He frowned to himself.  He would often take to walking when he worked in his various postings in Montana – but those hospitals were not the size of Bravo.  He’d need to be more careful in his wanderings.

“You should have listened, Doctor Longfellow.”  Henry spun and faced the imposing figure of one of Major Tulak’s escorts.  The Vulcan advanced on him, “You’ll tell us what you did with her, Doctor.  One way or the other.”  The man moved quicker than Henry expected and found himself pushed up against the wall, one hand over his mouth and the other hovering in mind-meld fashion over his face. “You will tell me.  And it will hurt.”  He slammed his fingers into position on the human’s face.

Henry felt the red hot sensation spread across his skin as the man invaded his mind, no longer protected by T’shalaith.  The pain seared through his skull and into the rest of his body as the assault began.  Longfellow felt as if his body would light on fire, and consume him into death at that very moment.

“Let him go now or I will fire on you.”

Security officer, Ensign Roger Allen, was new on Starbase Bravo. He hadn’t been given a specific duty spot yet, so being low man, he was sent each day where needed most. Someone reported off sick, so Roger was covering the holodeck section of the massive installation.

Things had been quiet, though he got to talk with several groups using the facilities. Roger wasn’t normally the chatty type, but serving where he was, he would need to learn to be more open. Perhaps that was why he was assigned there. He wanted to be on a starship one day, so he would make the most of it now.

Moving into a more quiet section, Roger heard some sort of commotion just ahead. Stepping around the corner, he stopped.

About ten feet ahead, a Vulcan man had a Human man pinned against the wall, one hand over the Human’s mouth, the other in the mind meld position. The Human appeared to be in pain.

“My weapon is set to heavy stun. You have three seconds.” Roger had no idea what was happening or why, but there was no doubt he would shoot, even if both men were hit.

The Vulcan attacker snapped his head to face Allen, his eyes alive with a raging fire.

Roger couldn’t believe what was happening. Vulcans had emotions that they suppressed, so seeing a look so intense, both startled and chilled him.

“You won’t have the chance, human fool.” With little effort, he picked up Longfellow, and heavily threw him at Allen, taking off down the corridor with a flash.  Longfellow felt the pain recede but then shouted in pain as he flew into the body of the security ensign and they smashed into the ground with a hard crash, Henry’s eyes briefly filled with stars.

There was another surprise as the Vulcan threw the Human man at Roger. It was all he could do to half-catch him, prevent himself from being injured, and hold and not fire his phaser. They both ended up on the floor, but Roger jumped up quickly and moved down the corridor a few meters to make sure they were safe. Turning back, Roger moved his hand towards his comm badge.

Longfellow shook his head as he moved into the sitting position against the wall, his body and mind aching with sharp pains, “He’ll be long gone by the time you report it, ensign.” He gave a wave. “Lieutenant Henry Longfellow, physician.  Who do I have to thank for rescuing me?”

“Ensign Roger Allen. I still need to report this, sir, and you need medical attention.”

The physician chuckled as he slipped out a medical tricorder from his belt, “Here,” he handed the device to Allen, “Use that key, that scan, and that button.  Should tell you how roughed or ready I am.”  He felt a mild pain in his head growing and his stomach turned more and more as he sat.  Whatever the operative was attempting had left its mark, and hard.

Roger paused a few seconds, looked back over his shoulder to again ensure they weren’t in danger, and accepted the medical tricorder. Doing as instructed, he showed the results to Longfellow.

“Did you pass, sir?”

Longfellow read the results, squinting through the pain.  While it wasn’t near death, it wasn’t great.  There were two red status areas and an array of orange and yellow.  Henry grumbled, “No, I did not pass.”  He tapped his communication badge, “Lieutenant Longfellow to Infirmary four, two to transport to triage.”  He accepted the tricorder back, “You’re coming with me, just in case.  You can start your report from my bedside. Right now the safest place for us is where we’re going.” 

Roger agreed. “Yes, sir.”

Infirmary 4 – 1040

The transporter beam dropped them in the middle of the triage area and two nurses quickly got Longfellow to a biobed and began the process of identifying his critical injuries.  He watched as the bridge slid over and one began to tap away at the console, “Doctor Longfellow, do you know where you are?”

Henry grimaced as the pain continued to ebb and flow.  “Infirmary four.  You’re going to need a cortical repair unit.  Don’t argue.”  She gave him a momentary look and snagged one from the equipment and slipped it on, powering it quickly as she scanned for the repairs needed.

Roger looked at the nurse. “We did a medical scan before transporting here.”

The physician cringed at the pain but it was lessening, “You better get to reporting what happened, ensign.  They’ve probably already departed…or vanished.”

Roger moved to a more private part of the infirmary. Tapping his comm badge, he reported the incident to his supervisor. It was acknowledged and he was ordered to stay with Doctor Longfellow. However this moved forward, Roger hoped he’d be allowed to participate in the investigation.

The nurse checked the repair unit and scanned with her tricorder, “You’ve had a helluva thing happen to you, Doctor Longfellow.  These readings…are off the charts.”  She glanced at the security officer, “What did this to him?

Roger considered for a moment not saying so he wouldn’t put the nurse in danger, but in reality, that was unlikely. To properly treat Longfellow, the medical staff needed all the information.

“A Vulcan was mind melding with him, but it clearly was by force,” said Roger.

Longfellow sighed from his bed, “The effect of the injuries should fade within a day or two.  I’m lucky Mr. Allen was walking by.”  He turned his head and winced at the sharp pain, “What’s the word on the daughter?”  

The nurse gave him a look, “She departed right on schedule.  Far as we know, she wasn’t followed.  I suspect she can handle herself.  You, on the other hand,”  She checked his scans once more, “You will need to stay overnight.  Officer Allen, you can interview the old fool from bedside for whatever you need.”  She tapped a few commands on the console as the bridge unit went to work and the doctor’s pain slowly faded away.  He knew it was temporary but it helped him focus on the security officer.

Borrowing a PADD from the medical supplies, Roger sat next to Longfellow. “Doctor, please tell me why you were being attacked. Don’t leave out anything.”

The discussion continued as the nurse continued to monitor.  Longfellow wondered how far the conspiracy would go as he continued to answer the questions.  Whatever came next would decide just that.