Part of Starbase Bravo: Q2 2400

Dream of the Trill

Heriah's Quarters
March 2400
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Heriah gently stepped about in pursuit of a lone voice about the corridors which were vacant and silent and otherwise void of life save for the lone voice sounding again which clued her in on a better approximate age of its owner ranging from the ages of eight and ten which was a mighty young age for one to be about and venturing the corridors alone at the time of night that Heriah really could not tell and it never did occur to her to ask the computer which could have also detected the presence of another life form that was calling out again, but this time it sounded much, much closer with still no comprehension to the spoken words save for the fact that it wanted to be found or that it wanted to find something or somebody, which proved true as Heriah rounded another corner and found herself face to face with a little boy whose features seemed very familiar to her but foreign just as his voice was foreign but somehow brought on a level of familiarity as though she knew exactly who this was and where he came from yet the name and location, every tiny little detail that could identify the little boy eluded and evaded her knowledge leaving her with little other choice other than to stoop down to him for a closer look and stare blankly at him hoping the knowledge would come to her or that he would make some form of indication informing her of his identity that, if she only but knew, would hit her like a slap in the face which he did physically land upon her cheek causing her to withdraw from him in a start only to see him running away and calling out, yet again, those incomprehensible words that thundered throughout her conscience as her eyes flew open and she sat up in bed realizing it had all been a dream without realizing if it was her dream, a dream of the Rex symbiont residing in her abdomen or a dream derived from them both.


  • FYI, this is a 250+ word single sentence story exercise I attempt every now and then.

    May 6, 2022