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A Death Back to the Future, IV

Infirmary 4
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Infirmary 4  – 1300

“You have move questions, I presume?” T’shalaith was sitting up in the bed, her face gaunter than it had been this morning. Her vitals were showing the same picture.

“You hid your family from them.  Given what little I know about the reach of Vulcan operatives and their service, it is an impressive feat.”

T’shalaith smiled a quiet smile, “I would have risked the pain to be in the room with you when they found that out.”  She leaned back, wincing in pain before continuing, “The inner workings of the operative side of Vulcan isn’t well known or discussed openly.”  She closed her eyes for a moment, breathing deeply before she spoke again, “I had considerable power at my disposal during my time of service.  It came to aid me when I found love in a human.”

Longfellow pushed his stool closer to the Vulcan, “How can that happen?”  He had heard of Vulcan and Human relations in the past.  The study of Spock’s father, Sarek, was required reading in his earlier courses.  His marriage to Amanda Grayson was cited as having an incredible impact on Human and Vulcan relations for generations.  Their son Spock was just one element in the tapestry that had been woven over time.

“Vulcans do not cut out our emotions, Doctor.  We come to terms with them. We exert control over them.  We master them.”  She spat out the last sentence fitfully and coughed until she accepted water from Longfellow.  “Meeting Harry…stirred something in me.”  She wistfully stared into the past, “He was an intellectual and had such…fascinating ideas about the scientific study when it came to emotions and feeling.”  Her eyes focused back on the doctor, “He joined the transport fleet I was commanding and brought his research with him.  To satisfy my handlers, I sent them bits and pieces that were largely inconsequential to the greater study.”  She glanced at Longfellow, “A month into his time with us I asked him how he felt about me.  He said…I was ‘fascinating’.  We had a date a week later.”  She waved her hands in the air, “The rest is history.  Four children.  2 boys, and 2 girls.  A worthy legacy.”

Henry gave her a look, “The delegation has a different view of that phrase.”  He took out a PADD, “I’ve done some research on Kartraic Arks.  I wonder if there is a…compromise to be had.”  T’shalaith frowned and he explained, “You talk about your legacy when it comes to your family.  What if we could find a way to form an agreement with the delegation that your Katra is transferred to an Ark, but that it is monitored and maintained within your family.  They control the access.  If someone from Vulcan wishes to access your Katra, they must have a family member meld with yours to seek the answers.”  He handed the PADD over, “I suspect you want very much to get to know the rest of your family yet to come.”

The Vulcan scientist’s frown slid into a wry smile, which still unnerved Longfellow, “You are a shrewd negotiator, Doctor.”

Henry shrugged, “I don’t think the delegation is leaving Bravo without your Katra inside an Ark.  I’m a doctor, not a diplomat.  I suspect whoever sent the delegation isn’t going to give up and I don’t think my chain of command would enjoy trying to untangle a mess I create.  They might not give much thought or care to you against a favor for the Vulcans.”

T’shalaith nodded gravely, “Your logic is mostly sound.  I’m inclined not to argue.”

Longfellow accepted the PADD back from her, “I’ll let the delegation know of the proposal.” He paused, “You weren’t just some high-level scientist, were you.”  It wasn’t a question.

She cocked her head to the side, “You have an alarming acumen for my kind of work, lieutenant.”

“And that work would be?”  Her eyes were alive with mirth, but also menace.  He frowned.

“The work of the shadows, Doctor Longfellow.  Please, may I rest?” She leaned back and closed her eyes.  Henry’s frown remained as he stood and walked slowly back to the hospital unit door.  He hadn’t pressed her for an answer…and he wasn’t sure he ever would.  He headed for the office to begin working out the proposal to the Vulcan delegation.