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Arrival Queen

Starbase Bravo
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Lihran shoulders his bag nervously waiting for the ship to dock. He finally felt bold enough to apply for an assignment, and much to his surprise, got accepted. The fellow engineer he struck up conservations with stood beside him. He was a Vulcan named Sol, whose parents were fascinated by Earth linguistics. 

Sol glances at Lihran, “Your bag does not require such a tight grip. You will injure your hand.”

Lihran looks at his hand. He lets go of his bag momentarily to give his hand a shake before holding it much more gently.

Sol nods once, “You seem nervous.”

Lihran replied dryly,  “Thank you, Captain Obvious.” Sol retorts, “I am only an Ensign.”

Lihran lifts his eyes to the ceiling briefly, “I am not a violent Romulan, but the urge to smack you sometimes…”

Sol interjects, “I would not advise it.”

Lihran grumbles incoherently under his breath.

The ship docks and the new arrivals shuffle out. Lihran and Sol both check in with another Starfleet officer, given their placements and quarters after they sign in. They started walking towards their quarters.

Sol asks, “Why are you so nervous?” Lihran frowns as if it was blatantly obvious, “Because I am a Romulan. On a Federation starbase. My kind does not have the best reputation, nor do I have the best past.”

Sol thinks in silence as they walk, “Did you disclose your past when you joined? If so, they likely know already. Your insider knowledge may be an asset.”

Lihran frowns, “Yes. I had no choice but to disclose it. Ah, I love being an asset, an object. Exactly how my ex saw me.” He drawls sarcastically. Sol perks a brow, “I was not aware you were wed. And I did say your knowledge was, not that you were.”

Lihran’s face hardens, carefully debating his next words as they walk in silence.

Lihran quietly spoke, “I did not specify I was wed, but yes I was. Covel was his name. He was loving and passionate at first, but it was a fake mask for filth and corruption.” He sighs, “Romulans love deeply and grieve even deeper at their loss.”

Sol awkwardly nods, not sure what to say for the moment. He finally says, “I am sorry you had to endure that.” Lihran stops outside his door, “It happens. Good thing about Romulans is that we love even deeper the next time. If there is. I’m getting old.”

Sol furrows a brow, unsure how to comfort. He nods awkwardly, “I am sure there is.” Sol turns and walks to his room. Lihran watched his form vanish.

Lihran stood outside, sighing and muttering to himself, “Why did I tell all that to a near stranger.” He froze up, as if scared of entering his quarters, as if worried it would seal some sort of blood pact. He pushed inside finally, dropping his bag on the desk chair.

The room felt sterile, clean and unwelcoming. He strode over to the computer and right away pulled up his favourite Earth musicians. His time at the academy had introduced him to a lot of Earth culture and history. He sings quietly to himself, “I want it all. I want it all. I want it all, and I want it now!” He bopped his head as the music kicked in. He smiles a little, visibly relaxing now that he is by himself. He let Freddie Mercury’s voice soothe his worries. He moved around his quarters, unpacking his few belongings and moving things where he liked it. He shamelessly danced and sang his heart out as he settled in.

He realizes someone was at the door, slamming himself down into the chair and nearly tips it over, abruptly ending his little dance party, letting the person in. He made no move to turn his music down, a slight flush on his cheeks. Sol steps in, lifting a brow, “Making yourself at home, I see.”

Lihran nods, “I am not turning it off or down, that is an affront to Queen.” 

Sol shrugged indifferently, “Seeing you are settled, did you wish to come explore the station with me?”

Lihran briefly toyed with the idea of asking Sol out, though quickly rejected it with disgust for many reasons; he is a Vulcan and an absolute stranger being the main two points. Lihran nods, “Sure, just wait till this song is over.”