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Security Clearance

Security Office
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Checking off more of her in-processing stops for Starbase Bravo, Heriah made her way toward the security office of Commander Geraint Vaughn for her security clearance. Being a fellow Starfleet personnel as well as a counselor, Heriah needed the clearance for access to areas of the starbase disallowed to civilians, medical files among other information a counselor would need to better perform her duties, not to mention the necessary access to the base’s computer.

She looked at Vaughn’s profile as she continued on her way and regarded the man as something of a hardass based on his looks alone. Being in Security helped add to the ‘hardass’ modifier she had already applied.

‘Feel free to drop the doctor-feel-good attitude with this one.’

“Rex!” she said. Heriah disregarded the people she passed and whether or not they could hear her, seemingly talking to herself. She did make eye contact with some though and offered friendly smiles. “I need to maintain a level…”

‘…of embarrassment and depression and that is all you will have if you…’

“Ah. Here we are.” Heriah put her PADD to standby and pressed it to her chest as she crossed her arms over it. She had followed the directions to this point and needed it no longer.

She entered and quickly took stock of the area, gingerly humming as she did. Heriah looked about as though taking in strategic points to take up if and when violence ensued. She took mental note of the way to the brig and passed by a few desks occupied by standard security personnel happily greeting them as she passed.

She stopped and looked into an open office. “Excuse me,” she said. Heriah noticed the girl behind the desk was not busy at the moment. “I am looking for Commander Vaughn. I’m…new aboard and need my security clearance approved. Is that something you can help me with?”

Sonja had just finished some disciplinary writeups that had to go to Vaughn, when an unfamiliar face popped into her office . It only took Sonja a minute to realize the person was new to the station. She listened to the newcomer and nodded. She had just been given the task of clearances.

“I can help you with that!” She chuckled as she pulled her tablet out to begin the process. She input the beginning information including her authorization code. “Why don’t you tell me the basics so I can get that information added. I can see some of it, but in this line of work it is never bad to verify the information thoroughly.”

Giddy that she did not have to meet with the chief of security just yet, Heriah stepped in and claimed a seat. “Well,” she began, “I am Ensign Heriah Khatain Rex, Trill, Joined, just arrived on Starbase Bravo for my first assignment post Academy graduation. I am not the psychiatrist, so I will not need access to medical records but I will require access to much of the starbase in the event of a mental breakdown in a maintenance tube deep in Engineering. You know what I mean. I also need access to personnel profile records as well as the crew manifest, shift schedules, and, of course, what is generally granted to the other counselors.”

Heriah looked as the other officer was tapping away. “Apologies. I did not mean to ramble on.”

Sonja shook her head “No worries, one of the skills is making sure to pay attention to more than one thing at a time.”

Which is a skill Heriah was well practiced in, for counseling purposes. This one, however, had the same skill but for security purposes.

‘They are always looking for a reason to suspect…’

“I’m sorry,” Heriah said, more like breaking in on Rex’s line of thought. “I didn’t catch your name.”

Sonja looked up “I hadn’t given it yet my apologies. I am Lieutenant JG Sonja Thompson, Patrol Shift Leader for Promenade Security, as well as other task such as this.” She looked back down to the tablet and continued inputting information, while looking at the Ensigns record. She noticed that the Ensign had a rather clean record so it made this that much easier.

Sonja looked up seeing her eyes which were not like anything she had ever encountered before, but that didn’t stop her from staying on task. She looked back down “It seems as though you are cleared, Ensign, but it will take few minutes for the clearance to go through the system.”

So, they did not find Refkin’s insanity, Davmorda’s weapons trafficking, Luftine’s domestic abuse. Looks like we have a clean slate.’

“That is what I like to hear,” Heriah said. “As long as the clearance is up to date by tomorrow, all is well. If I may though, what interested you in Security? I am not trying to shrink you or anything,” she felt she needed to detail, “I studied Security myself for a bit whilst at the Academy.”

Sonja frowned “It’s not a story I like to talk about fully, but suffice it to say life occurred and I had to adapt.”

“Oh, I’ll drink that,” Heriah broke in. “Or, would drink to that if we were off duty…and out of uniform. I understand that more than you may realize,” she finished.

She stopped seeing information that had just popped through from The Trill Symbiosis Commission regarding Heriah. Sonja looked up “I have to ask you haven’t had any psychopathic tendencies have you? I am seeing the information regarding your symbiont and have to say that is worrisome. I was just about to finish the clearance when it popped through. Do you mind explaining?”

Heriah, likewise, frowned. “It’s not,” she borrowed Sonja recently used words, “a story I like to talk about.” But Heriah did understand the needs and precautions of Security personnel. “My symbiont’s hosts, before me of course, did not make good decisions.”

‘Come on, put some flair on it.’

“They proved inadequate when it came to the discipline of joining with a symbiont.”

‘There you go. That’s it.’

“And weak willed in good decision making.”

‘Ooh, burn.’

“And I have no intention on reliving the mistakes of past hosts, nor will I allow results of their mistakes flow forth in my life as a Trill, joined or no.”

Heriah realized her words were starting to become a little heated, that her temper was about to show. Something deep within was about to breath into life. It had been some months but, there came a slightly cold but almost burning sensation from her spots. This was, however, the first time in a long time that anyone had posed that question to her.

‘Of course the last time someone asked us that question…’

She immediately called to mind one of Rikata’s litanies and was able to quench the rising fire.

“My doctor, and counselor, from the Academy, from my Joining even, has provided information to my boss, Lieutenant Elegy Weld as well as the medical department here. For security purposes, I am sure you will be given access to peruse that information and see that I have no…” she could not bring herself to say the word, “…tendencies of the sort.”

“I am here to do a job,” Heriah forced a smile and continued, “and that job is to see to the mental well-being of my crewmates.”

Sonja noticed she had hit a nerve, though that had not been her intention it was good to see how the newcomer did under pressure. Working on a starbase was a challenge and she knew just some of what Heriah may face.

“I meant no offense in my question. I am only doing my job and making the decision that has been entrusted to me.” She said as she looked back down at the tablet adding some information to her file regarding the information provided. She added the evaluation notes to her record and looked back up. “Well your clearance has been cleared, but it will take a few hours. You should be notified when your clearance is ready for use.”

“Thank you,” Heriah said. She started to get up from her seat but stopped herself. “And, I know you are only doing your job. You…ask the right questions. The security of this place is entrusted to you, so I understand. Again, I studied security myself so, no offense taken.” She stood. “I’ve taken up enough of your time. Thanks again. Oh,” there was one more thing, “seeing that you are in security, am I right in assuming you enjoy your time in the gym? I ask because, I would love a workout partner. Someone to help keep accountability. You know…”

Heriah realized she nearly started rambling. And it felt a little concerning, ranging from nearly losing her temper to nearly rambling nervously inside a span of but a few moments.

‘Just hope this one does not see your wild swings.’

“But only if you are interested…that is,” she finished.

Sonja slid the tablet back into it’s case and locked it back in her desk as she listened to Heriah reassure her she was doing her job correctly. She smiled warmly “I think I could use a gym partner. I do like the gym it’s what keeps me fit and looking this way.” She smirked trying to add some humor after the serious conversation they had just had.

“Great, let me work into a schedule and we can get together on a time.”

Sonja nodded “I work Alpha shift so I am usually available later in the evenings.” Sonja smiled as Heriah exited her office. It was always interesting to see who would arrive on the station. She looked back down at her chronometer and saw it was time for her daily patrol check. After making sure her desk was tidy she headed out.