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Part of USS Liris: A simple delivery of medical supplies

Prologue of a simple mission

Prancis nebula
April 2400
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“Commanding officer’s log, USS Liris. As of today, I assume command of this ship. On a personal note, I am quite thankful to the fleet staff for granting me this ship. As such, I have been assigned delivery of some medical supplies from Starbase 86 to the colony on Aldebaron III. Though I expect the mission to be fairly peaceful, the route I’m taking is through the heavily pirate infested Prancis nebula. End commanding officer’s log.”

Sh’ill stepped out of his chair, and entered the bridge. It was a small bridge, to be sure, but comfortable: A chair, console in front of it, regular viewscreen, and 4 consoles at the back of the bridge. Sh’ill proceeded to plop himself down in the chair, and call the Starbase’s command centre. “This is Liris to OPS. Requesting permission to leave station” “USS Liris, permission granted. Safe journey.”

As the permission from OPS came in, Sh’ill pressed some buttons on his console, and his ship started a full 180-degree spin. As soon as the spin was complete, he jumped his ship to warp.

A few hours later, near the Prancis nebula

Sh’ill slowed his ship down at the far end of the Prancis nebula, and turned his sensors on. Nothing unusual, though there were some blips, but Sh’ill thought nothing of it.

He accelerated his ship to half-impulse, and entered the nebula. The hydrogen and helium of the nebula started enveloping the ship, until it was completely enveloped, and the sensors were almost useless.

A planetoid 50 million kilometers away, in the heart of the nebula

“Ship detected.”

“Calculating course of action.”

“Assimilation possible. Dispatch a ship.”

“Yes, Queen.”

A small, black ship with lime green powerlines launches