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Caitian Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Commander Sh'ill


USS Liris



May 1st, 2375

Cait Prime


Went to Starfleet Academy at age 21. Was suspended for a total of 2 months during his time there, mostly for fighting and staying up past curfew. Graduated at age 24 with honors in Astrophysics and Temporal Mechanics.


Born on May 1st, 2375, Sh’ill was born on the newly Federation world of Cait Prime.
Most of his childhood was spent exploring the forests around his home village, and climbing the nearby mountains. He would often spent his school breaks on long camping trips far from home alone or with some of his only friends. Even though he was smart and quite strong, he didn’t have many friends.
Continuing on the subject of his schooling, he was often bored during his classes, due to them being taught by monotone, read-what-the-government-tells-you-to-read type teachers who simply did not care, or the classes were simply quite easy for him.

Because of this, at the age of 14, he, together with his parents, decided that he should continue his education somewhere where his talents and skills could shine. And, as such, he was sent off to one of the most prominent schools on his planet, the Cait City Military Academy. This school was responsible for producing some of the planet’s most notorious artists, leaders, diplomats, etc.

Here, he was finally bored not. He started to take an interest in his classes, and particualry excelled in biology and chemistry, with the support of his respective subject teachers, which were some of his favourite.

This, however, was not meant to last. In 2391, when he was 16, the Caitian-Ferasan war broke out between the Caitians, and their offshoot species the Ferasans, created by failed genetic engineering. The Caitians, a proud species, had asked the Federation not to intervene, as this was seen as an internal conflict. The Federation Council was somehow coerced into this, and allowed them to take on this war on their own.

And so, the Caitians started arming. They quickly finished off construction of 10 of the new Atrox-class carriers. These were, of course, powerful ships, but they were only powerful so long as they had their fighters. And unfortunately for the Caitian Defense Force, they did not have enough skilled fighter pilots to send to even one Atrox, and so drafting of the planet’s most skilled soldiers began.

And this is where Sh’ill got involved. As most of the Academy’s most skilled pupils did, he got drafted as a fighter pilot, but so did his family. Some of them as engineers, some as doctors, and his brother as a fighter pilot alongside him. They were assigned to the “Rakhar”, flagship of the fleet, and coincidentally captained by his aunt. So it was a mini family reunion, yet it was not meant to last.

After a few months spent aboard the “Rakhar”, battling across the sector, the two very beaten-up fleets met for a final, decisive battle at the edge of the Cait system, at a zone known as the Cait Rifts, called like that because of the spatial rifts prominent there.

As the battle began, fighters from the Caitian side emerged in attack formations, with Sh’ill, now a Commander of a fighter squad, leading one of the squadrons. They had been ordered to move in quickly, and take down the Ferasan’s shields.
They flew through the Ferasan fleet towards one of their command ships, and approached its shield generator. Then, the ship started firing at the fighters, blowing up the on which Sh’ill’s brother was. At first, he didn’t notice this, and completed the mission quickly, with minimal damage to his and his squadmates’ ships. When he was back behind the line of fire, and started a roll call whilst still in space, he noticed that his brother wasn’t responding, checked the computer, and there was the first sentence of many that would destroy his former self for all eternity: “Ship destroyed at time index of battle 135,77.”

Even though this had happened, he had to move on.

After the battle had been won by the Caitian side, and the decimated Ferasan fleet had fled, announcing their surrender, the computers of his ship had yet more to say. He opened the casualty report, and the names of his family were right there, at the top. He had nothing and no one left.

Afterwards, he moved in with his aunt, the Captain of the “Rakhar” who had a home in Cait City, and tried to continue his studies and education, but he could not do it. His flame had been extinguished, his soul was crying in rage against everything and everyone. He simply could no more be himself.

All that had happened led him to retreat more and more into himself, and to take up alcoholism, petty vandalism and crimes, and other such things. He would frequently skip school to go into the wide forests of his planet to go drink and weep at all that had happened.

Eventually, in a fit of rage at his aunt, which he blamed for his family’s death, he stormed off one night at 18, stole a fighter from a nearby military base, and fled out into space, to spend the next 2 years of his life as a smuggler and merchant.

After these 2 years, his mental and physical health had deteriorated so much that one day, in 2393, he sent out a distress signal out into space on Starfleet frequencies, begging for assistance. He was eventually picked up by a medical ship, the “Olympia”, which was passing through the area. He spent his next years on Earth, in and out of mental health facilities, slowly rebuilding his life.

Eventually, he decided that it was time to finally do something, and so, in 2396, he joined Starfleet. After the basics had been covered, and he had to pick a specialty, he decided on medicine, and was sent off to the Starbase Bravo academy campus. Here, he graduated with an additional degree in Temporal Mechanics, and after a brief stint as a doctor on Starbase 86, during which he was involved in a minor smuggling scandal, he was given his own ship, the Raven-class USS “Liris”, which is still trekking through the galaxy to this day.