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Part of Starbase Bravo: Q2 2400

Complementary Colours: Yellow and Teal

Mellstoxx III, Starfleet Academy, West Cadet Services Building, Cafe
March 2400
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Even thought Cadet Parze’s body was located in one of the academy campus cafes, her mind was on something other than food.  This was observable firstly through her body language.  Although the Saurian clutched a fork in her pink scaly hand, she was poking at her plate of steak in the idlest of manners.  She poked it once, and twice, and seven times, but her obsidian eyes were scanning the room.  The second observation that she had forgotten about her lunch was all the more blatant.  Once her eyes found her target, Parze stood from her table and walked away without hesitation.  Parze straightened the tunic of her grey and red uniform and she folded her hands behind her back as she approached a cadet at another table.

“Pardon my intrusion, Cadet.  I’m Cadet Parze.  You are Cadet Iso, are you not?” Parze asked.

“Huh?” The pale cadet startles from their thoughts.

“Oh! Hi, yeah I’m Iso. Nice to meet you.” They straighten their posture as they greet Cadet Parze. They set their deep brown eyes slightly to the left of her face, creating the illusion of eye contact.

“What brings you to my table?” Iso asks, curious as to what Parze wanted.

In a nervous gesture, Parze breathed in through her snout and breathed out a small huff.  “I’m not going to lie.  I might be asking a stranger for a favour, Iso,” Parze said, her gaze direct and clear.  She affected a smile when she asked, “Aren’t you in my motivational theories class?  On Tuesdays?”

Iso fidgets with the hem of their shirt, the same spot that was already quite threadbare. They take a second to recognize the Saurian.

“Um, you sit… Four or five seats down from me, right?” A pause,

“This is about that test that’s worth a good chunk of our grade this semester, isn’t it. You need a study buddy?” They ask inquisitively, their face a careful neutral.

Parze nodded euphorically, because Iso said those words out loud. That meant Parze wouldn’t have to ask for quite so much help.  “Yes, exactly,” Parze replied. The theories in our last reading are all mushing together in my head, and then I missed the last lecture. I was late for the shuttle back from Starbase Bravo.”  Suddenly hearing the slovenly way she was making herself sound, Parze straightened her posture as if an electric shock ran through her. She added, “But I’m caught up on my readings otherwise.”

Iso nods knowingly, they themselves had missed a class or two due to a medical inconvenience.

“Yeah, I can help with studying up. I’m free for the next week or so; you got any idea when you’ll be open?” They gesture for Parze to sit next to them.

Flopping herself down in the chair beside Iso, Parze huffed out an overwhelmed breath at that question.  Digging into the cargo pocket on her trousers, Parze withdrew a holo-rod that she placed on the table.  She clicked it to activate a holographic PADD interface and began swiping through to her calendar.  “My schedule has become a disaster area,” Parze said hyperbolically, but she grinned at Iso when she said it.  She loved the chaos.  “I still haven’t decided on my exact specialty, so I’m covering a couple of bases with my classes.  And I just joined Cadet Squadron Bravo, so I’ll be spending more time on the starbase than the campus this year.”

They let out a puff of air, that was a lot of classes to take. 

“Wow, I’m impressed you even have time for lunch. I myself am aiming to be in engineering, maybe working in the Jeffries tubes.” Iso hums to themself.

“Would you happen to be free this next Saturday? I’m pretty sure there’s a free spot not reserved in the library at 0230.”

Parze nodded enthusiastically at Iso’s suggestion.  Without even looking at her calendar, Parze said, “Yes, I’ll make it work.”  She tapped the new appointment on her holographic interface.  As she did so, Parze remarked, “I can’t say I’m taking too many engineering courses, but I’ll find a way to pay you back.  I really appreciate the help!”

“No problem! See you Saturday,” Iso said as they collected their things and food tray. They give a quick nod and walk briskly to the replicator to dispose of their food waste. A crowded café was not the most stress relieving place, after all.

“See you then,” Parze replied as Iso walked away.  Either it was an attempt at humour, or another desperate attempt to prove she wouldn’t be a dud of a study buddy, but Parze added, “Looking forward to climbing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs with you.”