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Taking on the Supplies

Orbit of Tychon IV
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“Captain, we have achieved orbit around Tychon IV,” Lieutenant Commander Rose stated. The USS Steamrunner had come out of warp a few hours earlier, outside of the expansive 13-planet system, and per regulations in this system, had managed a blistering 1/8th impulse all the way in to the fourth planet. It had taken hours to maneuver the very specific gondola that had been set up in this system, the asteroid belt, planets, the starbase, multitude of communications and survey satellites notwithstanding, to get to the planet. 

Tim rose from his desk in his ready room, really not much more than a closet just off the Bridge. The office had just enough room for him, his desk and a single chair. He had Ensign Rey put in a replicator a month ago, and it just barely fit into the bulkhead. Ensign Rey had complained, loudly, that the Engineering department would have to run several relays to the replicator and reroute several others that were incompatible. In the end, it had been done, and Commander Coleman’s life had been much improved. Well, as much as it could be on the Steamrunner at least.

Stepping onto the Bridge, he asked, “Status?”

“Sir, we are in synchronous orbit over Tychon IV. We have received hailing instructions to contact the local government magistrate in the capital city,” Commander Rose stated.

“All systems are at normal operating power levels, Captain,” Lieutenant junior grade Krunk stated from Operations.

“Tactical analysis has been run, sir. There are nine sub-light defense craft in weapons range, none of which pose any threat to the Steamrunner. There are also four Tamarian Freighters in low orbit taking on supplies with minimal weaponry. Sir, there is also an extensive weapons platform in orbit for planetary defense, which we are no match for,” Lieutenant junior grade R’Mar stated from Tactical.”

Coleman smiled with the right side of his mouth. “Thank you for that thorough tactical analysis, Lieutenant. I do not believe we will be attacking the planet today, though.” The rest of the bridge crew giggled softly.

“Sir, the planet is an M-class planet with two natural satellites. It has four continents and 8 major oceans. Tychon IV is roughly the same size and composition of Mars and Benzar, albeit with a vastly different atmosphere,” said Lieutenant Peepon Eeriane, the Bajoran manning the Science station.

Coleman nodded from his Captain’s chair. “Very good everyone. Thank you. Lieutenant R’Mar, please open a channel to the Magistrate. I’d like to get this done and underway as soon as we can. We don’t want to disappoint Admiral Brexx,” he said, his eyes rolling a bit. Everyone on the bridge smiled.

“Aye sir. Opening hailing frequencies now. This is the USS Steamrunner to Magistrate Unk’tred of Tychon IV.”

A moment passed, and the viewscreen changed from the planet to the face of the Magistrate. “Ah, Commander Coleman of the famed USS Steamrunner. Admiral Brexx informed us of your pending arrival. Your reputation preceeds you,” he said, without a hint of welcome in his voice. “We have the supplies ready for beam-up. I am sure you have been informed that there will not be any permission given to your crew of beam-down nor of any shuttlecraft coming to the surface to assist in the supply collection.”

It was a great deal of talking on the Magistrates side, saying what he said. In short, he didn’t want any of the miscreants that were aboard the Steamrunner on his planet. It honestly broke Tim’s heart a little. Everyone on this ship was a Federation citizen, whether or not he or she were born outside of the Federation. Simply by serving in Starfleet granted them citizenship, and thus should be allowed to go anywhere in the Federation without fear of denial, which was happening here. Even the human members, the core of the Federation, weren’t allowed down. Still, he was beholden to the wishes and rules from planetary leaders. “I see, Magistrate. We will, of course, honor your wishes. However, I must point out that we will be in orbit longer without the ability to use our shuttles to help with bringing up these supplies. I am sure Admiral Brexx will not be happy with our delay,” he said, hoping to corner him into allowing people down to the surface.

“Mr. Coleman, that is your problem, not mine. I suggest you get to beaming up these supplies to mitigate any of these so-called delays you speak of. We are doing our part; you now need to do yours. Good day, Commander.” The screen went blank suddenly, a moment later being replaced by the soft purple glow of the atmosphere.

For a moment longer, Coleman looked at the screen. ~Why couldn’t all these things be as easy as they should be,~ he thought. Sighing, he looked over to his Executive Officer who was already looking at him. “Commander, please see to it that those supplies are beamed aboard. If you need me, I will be in my closet,” he said, the age-old joke of the size of his office.

“Aye sir,” she said. As the Captain left the Bridge, she switched seats from hers to the center seat. “Krunk, please see to it that all of the transporters are configured to cargo beam-ups and begin the transfer immediately. Once the cargo is stowed and catalgued, inform me so we can get moving.”

“You got it, Amanda,” Krunk said standing up and heading off the Bridge to do what was needed.

Amanda Rose would have to talk to Engineering here in a bit to see if extra power could be useful making the process go faster. She dreaded contacting Rey, though. He was always such a pain in the ass to work with. It was evident too, as he was the only section chief that was not a Lieutenant junior grade or higher, and would likely remain that way, unless his attitude changed dramatically.

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  • I'm enjoying all the building blocks here, setting the groundwork for further stories to come. The claustrophobia of the Steamrunner class comes across well in the description of the ready room and the Herculean effort required just to install a replicator. I appreciate the camaraderie of the bridge crew, and starting to see their personalities, with R'Mar's thoroughness and Rose' irreverence. That camaraderie is such a quintessential part of Star Trek, even if they are a band of miscreants. Coleman's "I do not believe we will be attacking the planet today, though" surely made me chuckle.

    April 5, 2022