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Checking In on the Cap

Captain's Quarters
January 2400
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Calum and the rest of the crew had worked hard to get the Captain back to the ship where he heard they were recovering. He didn’t have a super close relationship with the Captain, but as the ship’s second officer he knew the Captain well enough to check in. He had been trying to figure out why the sensors hadn’t picked up the earthquake that injured the Captain. He had still not figured it out and was disappointed in himself for letting it happen. 

He decided to go see the Captain and made his way to the Captain’s quarters where he hesitated before hitting the door chime. 

Tajir had been relaxing on the couch reading over reports of the sabotage and all that had taken place when he heard the door chime go off. “Enter,” Tajir replied as the doors parted ways to see his Chief Science Officer walk in. “Ah Commander please come in,” he replied with a smile.

Calum smiled and walked in trying to size if he should take a seat or not. “Hello, Sir was wanting to check-in and see how you were doing in your recovery. I have been trying to figure out what happened, but still have not found out why we didn’t see the quake that caused your injury.” Calum concluded with obvious guilt in his voice for his failure.

Tajir looked at him, “it wasn’t your fault it was sabotage.” Tajir began looking at him handing him the report, “they had installed a device that would throw off your equipment in hopes they wouldn’t get caught. They didn’t think that there would have been other ways that they would get caught when they short-circuited the stabilizers.” Tajir finished looking at him.

Calum stopped for a minute ‘Of course it all made sense now there was a bigger picture he had not accounted for. He was relieved but upset that he had not thought of such an important possibility. “Well, that’s a relief, but I should have caught it and I didn’t.” He said still blaming himself.

“We probably wouldn’t have caught the sabotage if it wasn’t for their carelessness in leaving clues,” Tajir replied. “Don’t beat yourself up for this, the ones who should be blaming themselves are sitting in the brig as we speak where they will be heading back to Starbase Bravo for trial and punishment,” Tajir added.

Calum nodded “Thanks for the talk Captain. It is good to know I wasn’t at fault. I do hope your recovery is going well, but I don’t want to bother you as I know you need rest.

“It’s going slowly, and I don’t mind the company as it gets kind of lonely sitting in my quarters alone.” Tajir said with a chuckle and a shrug as he looked at him, “I will be happy when I can return to duty.” He added as he stood up from his chair making his way over to the couch as he was getting more uncomfortable sitting at his desk.

Calum nodded “I am sure you will, Sir. If you need anything let me know.” He said as he got up to leave the room.

Smiling, “thanks Calum.” Tajir said using his first name as he was off duty for the next few days, with that he had left his quarters as he looked around the room for a few moments. Looking at the time he got up and walked into his bedroom to turn in for the night, there was nothing more to be done and he was exhausted.