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Part of USS Cygnus: A Failure to Communicate

Dishing Out Orders

Main Bridge
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Upon hearing the news that Lieutenant Commander Larsen gave him, Bane went into immediate action. “Very well,” he said calmly. “Commander, take us to Yellow Alert.” He stood and turned around to look at the aft of the Bridge where two of the senior officers of the ship stood. “Lieutenant Gore, take us to Tactical Ready. I want to be ready if we come in contact with that thing.”

Looking over from Lieutenant Gore, he trained his sights on Ensign Spangler. “Mr. Spangler, I want you and the Executive Officer to analyze the readings ,to double, triple and quadruple check the readings, to be sure the hypothesis that Commander Larsen reached is accurate. Use whatever resource is necessary. I also want full sensor sweeps in one-second intervals from every single sensor system we have. I want to know when it was here, I want to know when it left, I want to know what direction it went to and I want to especially know if it is coming back for seconds,” he ordered. 

Looking around, he didn’t see his Chief Medical Officer nor his Chief Engineer. They were likely at their posts, which was fine by him. “Bridge to Doctor Elodin. Doctor, try to come up with some sort of defense against being consumed by the Crystalline Entity at the biological level. You should be able to find data in the computer to help you in this task. Use your entire staff to help in this. It is now top priority,” Bane did not wait for a response, tapping his badge off, then on again.

“Bridge to Main Engineering. Lieutenant Anderson, you are going to need to get creative. We have possible evidence of the Crystalline Entity. Please secure the ship and all major systems to Level III, and be prepared to go to Level II or even Level I if necessary. Shut down all non-essential systems and sparsely-populated decks and shunt that power into critical systems. Bridge out,” he said, again not waiting for a response.

“Lietuenant Lisald, you used to be the Chief Science Officer on this ship. Transfer your duties to Ensign Robinson. You will be assigned to the Executive Officer and Ensign Spangler. Assist them in any way you can.” It was effectively a demotion for the Chief of Operations, but Bane would make it up to him later. Right now, he had the whole ship, and whole planets to worry about.

Bane tapped his badge one more time. “Bridge to Ensign Robinson. Collect all data available on the Crystalline Entity. I believe the Galaxy-class Enterprise made contact with one many years ago. We will need that information, all intelligence and every morsel of data on that encounter shared with all stations. The more information we have, the better prepared we will be. Bridge out,” Bane said.

He looked around the Bridge, everyone still looking at him. “Alright people, you have your orders. Let’s get to it.” He looked over to his Executive Officer. “Good work down there. You and your team did a hell of a job. Please be sure to pass on my praises to all involved.  You have the Bridge. Looks like I need to contact Starfleet Command.


Bane Plase, CaptainUSS Cygnus, Commanding

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