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Part of USS Cygnus: A Failure to Communicate

Diamonds Aren’t Always a Girl’s Best Friend

Transporter Room, Bridge
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Always project calm. 

Those words were in the forefront of the Cygnus Executive Officer as the away team materialized in Transporter Room One. If he was remembering his Academy xenobiology studies correctly, then the ship and her crew were potentially in great danger. Larsen just needed to verify his suspicions with the ship’s database; and quite frankly, there was not a moment to lose.  

”Report to your duty stations,” said Larsen to the other members of the away team. “I am going to sync our data and prepare my report.“

The rest of the team left the transporter bay. Erik walked to one of the isolinear banks mounted on the wall and calmly entered a short series of commands; this would bring the data collected by all of their tricorders to the same place, and allow the Computer to begin analysis. A short trip through the xenobiology database confirmed that his suspicion was valid. Erik downloaded the data and analysis to a PADD and left to go to the bridge to deliver his report.  

Less than ten minutes after having arrived in the transporter room, the XO strode onto the bridge with purpose. He wasted no time in taking his seat next to the Captain. It felt like the entire bridge was looking at him expectantly, so Erik cleared his throat softly and began to speak.  

“The away team had some curious results,” he began. His voice trembled slightly under the gravity of what he was about to say. “There is no organic life present on the planet. In fact, the only organic molecules detected were the simplest hydrocarbons…methane, propane and butane. Possible byproducts of a combustion reaction. And elevated levels of gaseous nitrates. These things are odd enough by themselves.” The Executive Officer paused for a moment, as if collecting his thoughts again. “But there are also unexpectedly high levels of Cerium, Gadolinium, Neodymium and Europium. Lanthanide series elements.“

Erik looked directly at the Captain. “Sir, I verified our results with the xenobiology database. There is only one thing known to us that will leave hydrocarbons, nitrates and Lanthanide elements behind in its wake. I believe this world was consumed by a Crystalline Entity.“