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December 2399
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Aki reached down and grabbed a large chunk of rock and hurled it backwards without even thinking as to the safety of anyone that might be standing behind her. She was running on pure adrenaline at this point. Pausing for but a mere second to wipe the sweat from her brow, she slapped the combadge affixed to her tunic,” Makoto to all away team members,” she said with a huff, “a building has collapsed at my location. The captain is trapped. He is not responding on comms. His condition is unknown and assumed critical. I need everyone at my location immediately.”

Macomb had arrived with Natashia as well as a few others from the hospital who could assist with freeing the Captain, “watch where your throwing that Commander.” Macomb replied as he ducked as a piece of rock sailed on by him, he walked up and began to assist with clearing some of the debris.

Elizabeth’s eyes widened in shock and concern after hearing Aki’s call. She responded that they were on their way as she was shoving tools into her tool kit.  “Okay, people pack up!” She shouted, “The captain needs us. Toran coordinates with the ship.  We are going to need jack supports, and digging tools including a couple of phaser drills.”

“Aye sir,” Toran responded as he tapped his commbadge to get the tools they needed before they headed where the Captain was located to assist with the rescue.

Calum had a look of concern after hearing the news of the Captain. He stopped what he was doing and began packing up the tools for now “Alright leave what needs to be left and get everything else packed now! We’re leaving in five.” He said with no explanation as his team knew his orders were important. Within five minutes they were heading for the coordinates that had been relayed to them ready for whatever would be needed.

“Commander, Bates here. I will send some security teams to assist but I am currently engaged in tracking down the saboteur. Have a lead and I intend to check it out.”

Once confirming the smaller away team groups were en route, and without further pause from clearing debris, Aki called the ship for additional help, “Makoto to Aquarius” she said, then proceeded with her request after confirming acknowledgment of her hail, “Q’orvha, I need any available personnel that can be spared and tools for excavation. The captain is buried under a collapsed building and unresponsive. In the meantime see if you can lock on to his bio sign and beam him directly to sickbay.”

On the bridge of the Aquarius, Q’orvha leaped from the Captain‘s Chair, the tails of her coat flowing behind her as she moved quickly to the Situation Table at the rear of the bridge. “Understood, Commander!” She replied as she began running a scan for the trill life signs. “Lieutenant Young, activate the relief and off-duty rosters and coordinate with the ground team for landing and beaming locations!”

“Aye, Commander.” Young’s fingers began dancing briskly across the surface of his console as he worked to carry out the Commander’s orders.

Q’orvha worked the controls furiously…and then slammed a fist down onto the table producing a loud smash sound to accompany the string of Klingon blasphemies that escaped her lips. “Aquarius to Makoto! The damage to the area has caused a release of ionic radiation…not in lethal quantities, but along with the depth of the rubble, it is making it impossible to acquire a transporter lock…life-signs, commbadge signals, bone-mineral patterning…doesn’t matter! We are sending all available hands down to the disaster area, both by transporter and shuttle…I’ll make sure they include some pattern enhancers with those requested materials as well!”

Nearly defeated in every attempt to try and save her captain, Aki resumed her attempt to clear more rubble by hand. She knew it was a vain attempt, but at that moment she was running more on adrenaline than anything else. She thought she could see a gap amongst the rubble, but it was obstructed by a large chunk of wall that looked like it weighed a couple of hundred kilograms. It may not have been a gap at all, but maybe just a shadow. “Get me a flashlight!” she ordered as she braced her left foot up against the main debris and pulled the wall chunk with an exhausting heave.

With her last ounce of breath, the rock finally dislodged itself and came tumbling down, kicking up cement dust in the process, and the uncertainty of a gap suddenly became certain. A small gap about thirty centimetres across revealed itself. Aki peered inside. “Captain!” She yelled into the opening “Captain, can you hear me? We’re going to get you out! Hang in there!”

Tajir let out a painful moan as he was in and out of consciousness, he didn’t say anything but moan in pain as he lay there still trapped. Blood coming from the top of his head, he more than likely has several broken bones.

Elizabeth and her engineering teams came sprinting to the site, “You see him?  The captain?” She asked sucking air into her lungs.  “Before we remove any more debris we will have to stabilize the cavity around the captain.   Otherwise,  if we remove the wrong chunk it could cause the whole pile to shift and collapse.”

“I see what appears to be a piece of cloth which I can only assume is the captain,” Aki replied, letting Macomb’s secondary comment sink in.

Macomb began to scan where the Captain was now that he was able to get a clearer signal with his tricorder, what he found was very alarming. Looking at Commander Makoto, “sir once Lieutenant Kyle stabilizes the area I need to go in there before we remove anymore as he is bleeding internally, the pressure from one of the stones is putting pressure where it’s slowing the bleeding. If we remove that before I can stabilize him, he will die instantly,” Macomb said with concern.

“Very well, you take the lead on the rescue attempt. Just tell me what, if anything you need me to do. Otherwise, I’ll stay out of your way and let you do what you need to get the captain out safely.”

Elizabeth examined the structure and assessed weak points.  She then quickly started pointing at people whether or not they were engineers.  “You, you and you use timbers to shore up that chunk over there.” She turned to another group of officers milling about, “You and you get the airbags under that section over there.” 

Calum couldn’t do much so instead he helped where it was needed doing anything for any particular area that needed it. He wasn’t sure about the Captain’s condition, but hopefully, it was better than what he had been told by different people in the area. Calum couldn’t help, but think this could have been his fault. He has miscalculated somewhere and because of that, the building collapsed on him.

Toran had already begun to stabilize the area around the opening after making it a bit bigger without moving anything away from the Captain, after everything was secure he looked back at both Lieutenant Kyle and Lieutenant Macomb. “Everything is in place for you to enter, once the Captain is stabilized we will get the rest out of the way,” Toran said as he stood up from the opening.

“Great,” Macomb replied as he grabbed his medkit and made his way over to where the Captain was located, “don’t worry sir we will get you out of here,” Macomb replied as he knew Tajir wouldn’t respond but would be able to hear him. Running a tricorder over him he was correct in his initial scans, he pressed a hypospray against his neck to help with the pain. Once that was done he began to stabilize the Captain for transport once they were free from the building.

After a few painstaking minutes he finished stabilizing Tajir, he started backing out of the opening. Once he was free he turned to Toran, “alright he is stabilized go ahead and begin freeing the Captain.” Macomb replied as he would continue to monitor as they did so in case something goes wrong.

Toran and another engineer went through the opening and began to carefully lift the support beam that was laying on the Captain slowly, they didn’t want to do it too quickly and things go wrong. After about five minutes he was free from any obstructions, tapping his commbadge so he didn’t have to yell. “Doctor we have freed the Captain,” Toran replied.

“Very good, I am sending Natashia in there with a board so you can bring him out,” Macomb replied.

“Understood,” Toran replied before the comm channel ended.

A short time later Natashia arrived and they carefully began to move the Captain onto the board, once he was secured they slowly started to back out with him in tow. Once they were free Macomb tapped his commbadge, “Macomb to Aquarius, three to beam directly to sickbay.” Macomb said as he ended the comm channel and seconds later they disappeared.

Toran stood there and looked at the others, “I hope he will be alright.” Toran replied with a heavy sigh.