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The Lonely Sentry – Part V – Let There Be Light

Outpost 1-SZ
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[Deck 6 & 5 – Upper & Lower Main Engineering compartment]

=^=Van Der Luan to Beck. We’re ready in Ops, go ahead and work your magic =^=

Beck was working on a junction with the panel wide open when he heard the FO’s voice through his helmet’s intercom. He did one more check, one more tweak before stepping away and looking at where Cooper was, who had been at one of the consoles, running diagnostics and making sure power settings for ‘Live Operations’ were where they should be compared to ‘Automatic Operations’. In his thick accent, “How we doing over there, lass?”

Cooper looked up in her helmet at him before giving him the thumbs up. “We’re good to go. Soon as we send the command, everything should power up back to normal operations.”

Beck backed away further from the junction before bringing up his left arm to press a button on the arm display. =^= Beck to Van Der Luan. We’re going to jump her heart. I am worried about possible shortages or power outages on certain decks but it’s the fastest way to determine what may be damaged or simply no longer functioning. So I would stay away from consoles and other displays, just in case. =^=

=^= Ops copies =^= Van Der Luan’s reply came back

Beck then looked at Cooper and nodded his head, giving her the thumbs up in return. “Go for it, Cooper.”

Cooper pressed the button and they both turned to the reactor, watching and hearing it powering up more, generating more power and soon distributing that power to the respected areas.

[Deck 4 & 3 – Upper & Lower Operations]

Van Der Luan looked around the big open Operations compartment, everyone was at their position. All they needed now was to monitor the reactivation and wait for the place to become habitable again.

“Keep an eye on your readouts, any problems call out” He announced, knowing they already knew what to do.

Christina stood before the lifeless tactical station. “Does not having power count as a problem?” She smirked at the XO.

“It didn’t power up when you switched it to manual control?” Van Der Luan asked, cranking his helmet around to look over to tactical. “Damn, that’s not good! see if it will reboot”

The Security Chief nodded and went to work.

Opening a conduit panel the Vulcan ducked down, running a diagnostic scan of the systems. Everything seemed in order, they just needed power to the terminal so that she could make adjustments. Given that life-support was considered the most essential of essential systems even in this situation, where the power was not fully restored there seemed to be some power to the system to make it almost liveable. Attaching her PADD to the network via the open conduit she ran another scan, “Life Support appears to be operational. Once we fully restore power there is an ninety-seven percent chance that it will operate without issue.”

Cam made her way over to the main Operations controls just before she heard the report. “Open up the conduits.” She softly said but loud enough for everyone around her to hear her. Slowly, the systems seemed to come online as the lights kept flickering in and out and eventually, the very loud pop was heard throughout the room as the lights went out again.

“Darn it! Trace that pop! Do we have still have life support online?” She shouted as loud as she could in her disgust. She was not about to take off her EVO suit until there was confirmation that there was breathable air inside this derelict of a station.

Van Der Luan groaned to himself as the lights went out completely, leaving Operations lit only by the soft glow of the panel lights and their EVO suit lights.

He was about to call down to Beck when his suit’s comms activated =^= Red Alert! Red Alert! Explosion on Deck Six, Cargo Bay two! We have a hull breach! Damage control Deck six Deck six! =^=

“What the…!” He keyed his mic =^= Vane Der Luan to the Bridge, what’s going on? =^=

Master Chief McQueen’s voice came back =^= That asteroid we brought aboard, it exploded sir! Blew a hole in our hull and started a fire. And the Captain was down there, we can’t raise him… =^=

Van Der Luan did not hesitate =^= Get us back there Cowboy, right now! Beam us directly to Deck Six, right out side the cargo bay! =^=

=^= Copy that sir, stand by for transport! =^=

Van Der Luan called out to the Away Team =^= You all heard that. We’re going back. Beck, shut everything down, you got ten seconds, then we’re gone! =^=

Beck was cursing in his helmet when his tricorder went off after power went crazy throughout the station. But with the situation going on on the Altai, he was cursing even more. It was his ship and now he’s pissed at who ever broke it. There just was no way an asteroid blows up naturally. He pulled the master switch and all power was cut, the reactor itself spooling down, which will take a while. “You ready, lass?”

Cooper just stepped over to his side. “Let’s get over there.”

Moments later the transporter beam engulfed the team members…