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A Commission

Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, CA, Earth
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[Starfleet Academy – May 15, 2397]

Astrid stood in the mirror, her gold uniform recently pressed. She’d spent and inordinate amount of time doing her makeup and chocolate brunette hair. She touched the Petty Officer 1st Class insignia on her collar before removing it and setting it carefully on the counter before her. Sitting down at the edge of the bed she picked up her boots and started polishing them to a mirror shine.

One last check in the mirror she stepped out into the corridor. “Wow! I didn’t think you could get more spit and polished,” a voice came from behind.

Jenny Murray was there looking her disheveled self. “It’s not that hard!” Astrid chided. “Here let me help.” Astrid skillfully tucked and pulled Jenny’s unruly curly auburn hair into some semblance of order. “There that’s better. I can’t help you with your boots, but at least you are more presentable. Let’s go.”

The parade yard of the Academy grounds had as simple stage at one end and nearly two dozen officer cadets standing in formation. They would be newly minted officers who came to this as enlisted personnel.

“Attention!” an officer standing at the head of the formation shouted. Their training officer, a Captain James Canton walked up to the podium. “Morning ladies and gentlemen. I’m going to keep this short. I don’t suppose there’s anything I can say that you haven’t heard. You will bring to the mission with you experience beyond your peers. You’ve already served in this fleet, but you will have to remember you are officers now, and no longer enlisted. Let me be the first to welcome this class’ newest ensigns to Starfleet. Ex astris, scientia!”

With the commencement speech the Lieutenant walked to the podium. One by one the lieutenant called the names of the assembled. At the very last, her name starting with a V, Astrid’s name was called.

“Vogler, Astrid. Cadet Vogler, is graduating with majors in Engineering and Command and a GPA of 3.8.”

Astrid broke formation and walked and climbed the podium. Captain Canton pinned a single pip to her collar and handed her diploma to her. “Congratulations Ensign.”