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Okay, What Do We Know?

Mess Hall, USS Zebulon Pike
February 11, 2400 22:00
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The whole crew was in the mess hall.  Holographic officers were manning the bridge and engineering in case something unexpected happened.  They were all seated around the main table a pot of coffee and a kettle of tea sat in the center of the table.  

Ethan reached for the coffee and filled his cup.  He took a careful sip of the unaltered bitter liquid before speaking,  “Okay, people what do we know?  Are we sure this isn’t a ‘when’ question as opposed to a where?”

Jolie sat next to Ethan, a mug of tea steamed in her left hand, going over logs that the sensors had detected from the Romulan ship as well as the sector.

‘Something doesn’t stack up,’ she thought to herself as she examined the Romulan ship’s tactical readout. ‘There is no way the Romulans could have such advanced weaponry, let alone defensive armor.’ She continued to look over the readings, comparing them to the Pike’s archives, when she realized they have one advantage over that ship.

She lowered the PADD as she looked up at Ethan. “There is one thing that we know and have confirmed, Ethan,” she said as she looked around the room at the crew. “They do not know our size, that much is for sure, and one other thing,” she said as she flicked the tactical log onto the primary monitor in the room, “I think they experimented with our cloaking tech sometime in the past. I’m not sure, but our sensor detected that their cloaking module contains some of our Narlin designs.”

“That’s impossible,” Audren announced.  “We are good friends with your people and we haven’t given you the specifications to our cloaking designs.  More specifically that’s why I am here.  To run and maintain that cloak.”

“No one has said that you have,” Jolie said to Audren. “I have concluded that the rift that we saw earlier has transported us to a time where things are different, way different,” she says to Ethan. “I’m not sure how different they are yet, but given enough time, I’m confident I’ll figure it out.” She then turned to face Adam. “I need you to see what you can do to keep us cloaked and our bluff intact,” she said. Then, looking over at Audren, “I have a feeling that these Romulans are far more formidable than the Romulans we’ve encountered in the past, or, more specifically, our reality.”

“I can provide some energy settings and that will help reduce our signature, and I’ll see if I can adjust some settings,  but I have to insist that no one can actually access the cloak but me,” Audren announced. 

“Don’t worry. I won’t mess with the cloak itself. I have a few ideas that might allow us to continue tricking the Romulan sensors.” Adam said.

“Be that as it may, Jolie’s suggestion is sound,” Ethan replied.  “Jolie, see if you can get a fix on the stars and get us a date.  Somehow I expect we aren’t too far from 2400, but in an alternate reality like the Mirror Universe.  The more we know the better.”

Jolie nodded, “I’ll do one better and actually see if I can get a better understanding of who controls what.”

“The wee Lieutenant an’ I can create weapons shadows making us look more armed than we are,” Dougal suggested. 

“That sounds like a solid plan Douglas,” Adam said nodding. “It shouldn’t be too difficult either”

“I’ll see about making our life signs show bigger.  How bigger?” Aimee asked. 

Ethan winches, “6,200.”

Aimee thought about it and nodded, “I’ll do what I can.”

“At this point, that’s all any of us can do,” Ethan said.  “How much longer until we reach Earth?”

“About six day,” the helm officer responded. 

“”Okay maintain course and speed.” Ethan drained his cup and stood, “Okay people let’s get to work.”