Part of Endeavour: The Risan Beachhead

Setting Aside Differences

Endeavour NX-06
Friday 8th April 2157
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After everything that has happened and pulling double duty getting the ship back on its feet, she needed a break. Walking into the mess hall she grabbed some food from the food containers, she began to look around for an empty table. She noticed that Captain Campbell had just entered, she decided not to bother him and walked over towards the far end where there was another empty table and sat down. She looked like she was exhausted and in need of a hot shower to wash awake the aches and pains.

Deciding to grab a mug of coffee on his way up to the bridge, Campbell finally felt a lot better after getting back into his uniform. Heading over to the drinks dispenser, he saw his chief engineer appearing disheveled as she sat down by herself on the other end of the mess hall. Taking his mug out of the drink slot after it was full, he headed over to her as he sipped on his hot beverage. 

“Xiang,” He said, calling at her as he approached the table she was at, “you okay?” 

Looking up at the Captain, “I’ll make it, just tired as I have been working to get this ship back in order.” Xiang replied taking a drink of her coffee that she had grabbed with her food.

Appreciating her efforts, especially after making it look like the ship was about to explode while in Orion hands, Campbell offered her a friendly smile. He knew he had been harsh on her since she joined. “Well hopefully once we arrive at our new destination you and the engineering crew can take some time off.”

“That would be nice sir,” Xiang replied with a tired smile.

“I’m heading to the bridge shortly and I’ll be calling the senior staff together within the hour.” Campbell informed her. “Why don’t you take a break from whatever you’re doing and go take a rest for a bit in your quarters?

“Thank you, Captain,” she said with a smile as a nice nap would feel nice about now.

About to leave, he turned away from her and then stopped himself in mid-track and turned back to her. “I didn’t get a chance to say, nice job with the fake warp core breach.”

“Thanks,” she replied as she was just trying to save the ship and crew.

Smirking at her, he raised his mug at her. “Though next time maybe don’t scorch too much of the nacelle housing.”

Chuckling, “Sorry sir I had to make it believable.” She added with a smile raising her glass before taking a drink.

“I’ll see you on the bridge, commander.” Campbell said before leaving her company and making his way out. In the back of his mind he wondered just how much that had gone in repairing their relationship. 

Hopefully it helped.