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Part of USS Saratoga: Facing the Storm and Bravo Fleet: The Stormbreaker Campaign


USS Saratoga
January 2400
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The Saratoga had left Devron Fleet Yards several days prior heading towards Starbase Bravo to pick up the last remaining crewmembers. With the discovery of what would now be known as the Century Storm, all ships were being rerouted towards the Paulson Nebula. Azras was up earlier than she wanted to be, with a lot of things on her mind that made things harder for her to fall back to sleep.

Sitting in her study she began to review the different reports that had come during the night, engineering was making modifications that the Saratoga needed for when they entered the Paulson Nebula. Medical was preparing for the refugees that would be arriving if any needed medical attention, as well as the crew, helping get the ship ready to receive that many people onboard.

There would be other ships assisting with the evacuation but the Saratoga would be getting the brunt force of those refugees. The USS Oneida the ship’s Aquarius-class escort, as well as the many shuttles and runabouts, would be used to assist.

“What are you doing up so early dear?” Arzin asked as he appeared in the doorway.

Looking up she smiled, “I couldn’t fall back asleep.” Azras replied looking back at him, “just got a lot on my mind with the Century Storm.” She replied as she took a sip of her coffee.

He nodded, “I am sorry to hear that my dear, would you like something to eat?” Arzin asked as he walked up to her kissing her on the forehead before backing up.

Nodding in response “that would be great,” she said with a smile as her stomach started growling at the suggestion.

“Wonderful,” he replied walking back out of the study heading to the kitchen to begin to prepare breakfast. He also knew that Linha would be getting up soon to continue to help medical get things prepared.

Linha had walked out just as he started, “morning dad where is mom?” She asked as she wasn’t in her room.

Looking over his shoulder, “she is her study working on some things.” Arzin replied with a smile, “breakfast will be ready soon.” He added before turning back to what he was doing.

“Thanks,” Linha replied before walking over to the replicator to grab some coffee. “What a way to break in my assignment here on the ship with a situation like the Century Storm is creating,” Linha commented sitting down at the table.

“Indeed,” Arzin replied as he would be able to study this strange phenomenon while they were in the nebula. “Would you care to let your mom know breakfast is ready while I go wake up your brother,” Arzin said as he started for the stairs that would lead up to his bedroom.

Nodding Linha got up and headed over to where Azras’s study was located and walked in, “good morning breakfast is ready.” Linha said with a bright smile, already dressed in her Starfleet uniform though it was still the cadets uniform.

“Thank you, dear I will be there in a few moments,” Azras said with a smile.

Linha nodded and headed back out to the kitchen just as Azrin and Yadri came down the stairs. Yadri looked like he was still half awake, “good morning Yadri.” Linha replied as he just moaned in return.

Just then Azras walked out of her study and walked up to the dining room table looking at Yadri, “someone isn’t a morning person.” Azras said with a soft chuckle as they began to eat breakfast and get their day started.

Meanwhile down in engineering, Jheria had been pulling extra hours the last few days since leaving Devron Fleet Yards to get the ship ready for when they arrived. “What are you doing!” Jheria exclaimed as she noticed one of the engineers doing something that was not what she had ordered.

“Reconfiguring the shields just like you asked,” the Ensign replied looking at the upset Andorian women in front of him.

“Seriously, are you trying to sabotage the ship!,” Jheria said as she looked at the young man who was fresh out of the Academy. “If you try to reconfigure those isolinear chips you will disable this ship before it even sets foot into the nebula.” She spat upset that this engineer was clueless and an idiot.

“I need you to go help with getting the ship ready for the refugees if you can handle even that!” She spat as the young man got up and walked out, looking at a Lieutenant C’Riia. “Do you mind getting the modifications to the shields taken care of while I work on boosting the sensors and communication array?” Jheria asked looking at the Caitian.

“Of course ma’am,” C’Riia replied getting to work.

Jheria had walked back to the console she was working at before being interrupted by the incompetent engineer. Piyu had given her his report, she was satisfied with the numbers and she went to work finishing boosting the sensors while he took care of the communications array. 

“Captain Dex to Commander Dilucca, status report,” Azras said over the comm channel.

“Things are going as smoothly as possible we should have everything ready and operational before arriving at Starbase Bravo,” Jheria replied.

“Wonderful,” Azras replied pausing for a moment before continuing. “Keep me updated,” she added.

“Understood sir,” Jheria replied as the comm channel ended.

C’Riia had finished with the modifications to the shields, “sir I have finished with all the modifications.” She said looking up from the console she was working at, she ran different simulations and diagnostics to make sure things would hold.

“Have you run diagnostics on it to make sure it would hold?” Jheria asked looking over at her.

“I have, and each one has come back as satisfactory,” C’Riia replied looking back at the Commander. 

“Great,” she replied. “I need you to take a team to do the same thing with the USS Oneida as well as the shuttles and runabouts,” Jheria replied looking at her as she could handle the remaining objectives here in engineering.

“Understood sir,” C’Riia replied as she grabbed a team and headed out of engineering towards where the USS Oneida was docked. She had sent a team to both shuttle bays to begin working on the shuttles and runabouts. 

She continued to work on the other systems, engineers running back and forth working on what they were doing as well. The ship would be arriving at Starbase Bravo within the next couple of hours.