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Terra Alpha

Terra Alpha
February 5, 2400
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The USS Zebulon Pike dropped out of warp near Terra Alpha.  Civilian commercial traffic filled the space around around the planet as ships came and went from Starbase Byron, a small and inconsequential Starfleet station serving the sector. Ethan thumbed the comm on the armrest of his chair, “Terra Alpha Control this is USS  Zebulon Pike requesting vectors to Capital City Spaceport.”

“Zebulon Pike, Terra Alpha Control; slow to one quarter impulse and proceed direct to waypoint Papi.”

“One quarter impulse,  direct to Papi, Pike out.” Ethan replied.   He repeated the order to the helm and the small ship rolled right and dipped into the atmosphere.   The ship was slightly buffeted as it flew through the increasingly more dense atmosphere.   The blackness of space was replaced by purple od upper atmosphere that faded that that too gave way to blue broken only by white fluffy clouds. 

When the ship finally broke through the clouds and massive ocean lay below them as a city with tall skyscrapers loomed ahead.  Their glass facades gleaming in the sunlight.  Shuttles and ships of every configuration filled the sky.

“Zebulon Pike,  change to approach frequency 121.8,” Terra Alpha Control announced. 

“121.8, aye,” Ethan replied.   He entered commands into the comm system and spoke again, “Capital City Approach this umis USS Zebulon Pike requesting to land.”

Zebulon Pike adjust heading 1-8-0 decend and maintain 900 meters.”

1-8-0, descend to 900.”

The city grew in size as the ship approached.  Following the flight path outlined by control they skimmed over the tops of massive buildings.   They made a left turn at a wide river which divided the city and lined up for the Spaceport that lay before them.

“Zebulon Pike ,  you are cleared to land at docking port 12-A.”

“Cleared to land at port 12-A,” Ethan parroted.

The ship made a singled circuit of the Spaceport and came to a hovering stop above an open bay.  The landing struts extended from the bottom of the ship and it slowly lowered to the landing pad. As it came to  rest a couple Starfleet uniformed ground personal converged on the ship and started securing it for docking.   A jet bridge automatically extended from the terminal linking up with the airlock.

After about fifteen minutes the crew of the Pike were standing around Ethan inside the terminal.   This part of the Spaceport  was specifically set aside for Starfleet,  and they were the only ones there. 

“Okay,  this is for Jolie and Adam. Since you two are new to the team you are free from all duties.  You can stay here on Terra Alpha,  you are all welcome to stay with Trinity and I on our ranch.  Or, you can go and do your own thing.  Just don’t leave the sector.  We are often called up suddenly.   There’s a transport leaving for Starbase Bravo tonight if that’s what tickles your fancy.”