Part of USS Minerva: To The Weary, Rest

Acting Captain’s Log Supplemental

Bridge, USS Minerva
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Acting Captain’s Log Supplemental:

We are on approach to Star Station India where the ship will receive repairs and the crew will have an opportunity for rest and relaxation. Regrettably, I will not have much time to relax as myself and Lt. Al-Rashid will spend much of it in conference with senior officers answering their questions on our most recent mission. But, this means that I will see Commander Mokeke again, an event I am looking forward to.

Warren pressed the armrest to record these thoughts for the record. Satisfied, he returned his gaze to the main viewscreen and watched as the metallic construct of Star Station India grew ever larger on the screen. His thoughts narrowed to the upcoming barrage of official meetings. What questions would they ask?  Who would ask them? Would they end his career at the touch of a button?  What was already known?