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The Threat of Enforced Fun

Bridge, USS Minerva
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Meanwhile, on the bridge Crewman Fuentes adjusted his silver earpiece, he was receiving news. Warren recognised that expression from being in Fuentes’ position.. let’s see, 15 years ago. Wow! Had it really been that long ago? It didn’t seem like it.

“Captain, sickbay reports minor injuries among the crew dealing with the beacon. One engineer and the First Officer.” The young man said relaying the action that was happening several decks below them.

Warren shook his head and let out an exasperated sigh. Just another day on the final frontier.

“Bridge to Sickbay. I promise I’m not trying to make work for you. Are they alright?”

Cluadia walked over to the com panel and pressed the button, “I can handle it Captain.”

Warren listened to her voice. Her tone suggested that she seemed to have everything in hand. Warren had yet to have a lot of interactions with his new medical officer who had joined the ship just before they left Star Station India. Then again, Warren imagined a minor engineering mishap like this was a routine for her. Probably someone dropping a hydro spanner on their foot. A nice gentle way to introduce her to the crew and the routine of the ship.

“Glad to hear it, Doctor. Keep me posted.” he pressed the channel closed.

Warren got up from his chair. While the crew was perfectly capable of handling, as good as those of the Revere, the Saratoga, maybe even the Excelsior, he felt the urge to go down to the shuttlebay himself and see firsthand this probe that was making their lives difficult. He would merely observe from the edges.

“Lecour, you have the bridge.” Warren announced to the relief science officer “I’ll be in the shuttlebay. I want to see this beacon. And Fuentes?” Warren paused halfway to the lift.

“Sir?” the crewman twisted his chair to face Warren.

“Consider attending the party later. I don’t usually have to order my crew to have fun, but in this case..” the captain smiled, referring to the young man’s apathy over the proposed celebrations earlier.