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Part of USS Minerva: The Happy Wanderer

Paths and Stories

Deep Space
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The Wanderer woke. It did not have an memory of having fallen asleep, but it was aware that it had been, and now was awake. Something was not right. It’s walk through the void had been interrupted, it knew not by what. The Wanderer reached out and was…surprised.

I am joined! The sensation was euphoric. For so long it had traveled. It’s observations were mundane. It was bored. The void was mostly empty. But now it was touching a new entity. What was the probability in all this vastness. As it continued reaching out it found a library of stars, planets and, more importantly, the paths of what it could only assume were other Wanderers.

Other Wanderers? These are their stories! I must know more.

The Wanderer reached deeper and opened its consciousness, eager to receive whatever it could from this new, mysterious interloper in the void.