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Lunch Break

Mess Hall, USS Aquarius
December 2399
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Walking out of the counselor’s office she looked at the time, no wonder her stomach was growling it was lunchtime. She made her way down the corridor and headed for the officer’s mess hall. Walking in she looked around for a few seconds before proceeding to the replicator where she ordered her food. After grabbing the plate and cup after it materialized she began to walk to find a seat, she was going to sit near the window but she noticed that her chief was sitting at a table alone. Walking up to him, “Is this seat taken?” She asked looking at him with a smile.

Dujan glanced up from the PADD he was studying, his lunch half-eaten and forgotten, to find Ensign Sato standing there. “Uh, sure.” 

Smiling Sato sat down in the empty seat, “we never have officially met.” Emily replied with a smile, “figured now was a good a time as any to get to know each other since we will be working together.” She replied though he was her senior officer, she was always the friendly one not caring what rank someone was. Taking a bit of her food. “I am Emily Sato,” she said after she swallowed the bite she took.

“Dujan Young.” Like ships in the night, they’d passed several times with little interaction, usually when handing over at the change of shift but Dujan hadn’t had much chance to formally meet many of his officers in the short time since coming on board. Throwing himself into the night shifts hadn’t helped that either. He made a mental note to begin scheduling formal meetings. “How are you finding the Aquarius, Ensign?”

“For my first assignment outside of graduating the academy, doing good. I never thought I would be assigned to such a large ship, though I guess we can’t determine where our next assignments will take us.” She said with a smile, “she is a lot larger than a runabout, fighter, and the hours on a simulator.” Sato’s added with a smile taking another bit.

The Resolute-class starship was a fine ship but Dujan had spent his entire career on various Galaxy-class ships; first the Challenger, then the Galaxy. Being assigned to the Aquarius had been a bit of a step back for him. It was worse for him because it meant that, since the first time since their marriage, he and Henry were on separate ships. Both of those facts had made the adjustment to the Aquarius a difficult one. “She’s a fine ship.” He said with a tight smile.

She looked at him with her head cocked to the side a bit, “you ok sir?” She asked as she could tell something was bothering him hopefully, it wasn’t anything that she said. 

“I’m fine, Ensign.” He gave her the same tight-lipped smile. “Just struggling with the transition from night shifts to days.” It was a lie but he wasn’t about to open up to a complete stranger. It had taken months for him to fully open up to the man who was now his husband. “I’m sure you’ll miss working the alpha shift at the helm.” 

She just nodded as she figured why would he want to open up to a complete stranger especially an Ensign, she was the empathetic type where she cared a bit too much about anyone. “I am fine working auxiliary controls won’t be as bad, and I am sure I’ll be at the helm when you’re not there.” She replied as she took a bite of her food.

“Just be glad we’re not swapping shifts so you don’t have the work the graveyard shift.” In honesty, working the night shift was a good way for a junior officer like Sato to gain experience at the helm but even working as a relief officer during alpha shift would keep her on the radar of the Captain and Exec.

She nodded, “I do like alpha shift but I am sure I’ll get my chances at the other shifts down the road.” She replied with a smile, “though learning auxiliary controls is nice as well.” She added as she finished her lunch, realizing what time it was she was due back on the bridge here shortly. “Well, I better get back to the bridge. It’s been nice talking with you sir,” she said as she stood up with a smile.

“Sure thing.” Dujan returned his gaze to the PADD. “I’ll see you up there.”

With that Sato walked out of the mess hall and headed back up to the bridge to begin her work again, though she was still learning the auxiliary controls she had some paperwork to finish. Being cross-trained had its benefits and would help her in her career goals, she made it to the turbolift and entered. “Bridge,” she replied as the doors slid shut behind her and began to move towards its destination. After a few moments the lift arrived with the doors opening to reveal the bridge, walking out she went towards the auxiliary controls and began her work while they were just stationary and nothing exciting was happening at that moment.