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Part of USS Denver: Mission 1: Flight of the Valkyries

Around a Bottle of Scotch – Zebulon Pike

Mess Hall, USS Zebulon Pike
January 13, 2400 16:300
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Much of the Pike’s crew sat around the big circular table of the ship’s mess hall. The quarters were too cramped to have a replicator in each room trying to eat sitting in a bunk wasn’t exactly comfortable so they often shared meals together, or their off time in general.

Dougal MacDonald was sitting next to Aimee and they exchanged loving glances at each other and playfully bump each other’s shoulders.  They were both changed into civilian garb.  Ethan didn’t require or encourage uniforms while on duty.  On more than one occasion Dougal fancied their merry band if misfits as pirates. Of course logically he knew that he or anyone else on the ship shared piratical dispositions, but it was a romantic thought.

Dougal picked up a bottle of the finest Scottish whiskey that could be had and refilled everyone’s cups. Except for Audren’s. Hers was still full, as she didn’t drink alcohol.  “So, there I was,” he started with his thick Highland accent, “Mindin’ me own business when the lass just jumps up and Leeroy Jenkins’ the outpost.”

“Leeroy Jenkins?” Audrin asked confused. “What is that?”

Dougal laughed, “I dinnae ken where the wee expression came from, but it’s someone that causes everything to go to bloody ruin. She got me killed I tell ye that much lass.”

“And me captured by the Dominion,” Aimee added.

“To a bloody good first outing. If ye are gonna mess things up, mess it up so it cannae be undone.” He raised his glass, “To Commander Kyo!” There were laughs in response to this and everyone toasted Jolie.  This wasn’t the first time a training mission had gone awry and no one really minded.  It was all part of the process.

“To Commander Kyo!” Adam echos. Their most recent training exercise had been one hell of a disaster, but everyone had made it out, and everyone had fun. The Zebulon Pike was different, way different, than anything Adam had grown up around. Standard Federation protocol just didnt exist here. It  was nice compared to how Adam had grown up. His parents and his brothers had all been Starfleet regulars. Adam had decided that it was time for a change when he joined the Pike.

“Okay lad,” Dougal said leveling his gaze on Adam.  “I’ll make ye a deal.  You tell a story of mucking up a training exercise, and I’ll tell ye of mine.”

Trinity rolled her eyes, “Dougal leave the kid alone.”

“It’s a tradition,” Dougal protested. “It keeps us humble.”

“Babe, the only thing keeping you humble is your fake modesty,” Aimee teased and the other laughed.

“Aye, and ye can keep yer opinions to yerself ya wee bisom.”

Aimee faked offense to this,  “I didn’t leave a Luna-class starship and a promising medical career to be called a bisom.”

“Aye, you are and a sassanach too.”

“I’m not English!”

Dougal laughed and drained his Scotch and refilled his glass and everyone else’s that were low.  “Aye, you are no an English lassie, but ye are an outlander.”

Aimee gave up, “Pig headed Scot.”

“Aye, I am,” he agreed. “Now, Stephens it’s yer turn to tell a story lad.”

“Well one time when I was a cadet at the Academy, we were on a training missions where 4 squads were in runabouts having a skirmish. I made a miscalculation and overloaded our forward phaser banks. The feedback friend my station and locked me on my rear. Needless to say we lost the competition that day”

“Bloody model officer,” Dougal teased.

“That’s not a bad thing Dougal,” Trinity admonished.

“Aye it is when yer hanging out with us misfits.”

“You misfits need some kinda regulation and level head or you will get yourselves killed”

Everyone laughed at that. “The lad can hold his own, I’ll give him that aye,” said still laughing.

“To our newest member,” Aimee said raising her glass. This time even Audren picked up her Scotch in a toast.  “To Adam, may he slay the dragons, and rescue all the damsels,” Aimee continued.

“To Adam!”

Adam raises his glass and then downs his drink in one go. “To the Pike”