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Make With All Haste

Main Engineering, USS Columbia
January 2400
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Natalya took her leave from the bridge and made her way quickly to the Engineering department which was scrambling to figure out what the issue was. She wasn’t quite sure what had happened, but it wasn’t something that would be the normal reaction of something scanned by a tachyon pulse. She put that in the back of her mind and walked up to Lt Sandoval, who was the most senior officer in the room at the time of the incident.

“Lieutenant, what’s the situation? Do we have any idea as to what just happened to the engines?”

“I’m still sorting things out,” Livvy said.  She had a nasty cut above her right eyebrow and blood flowed freely down her cheek and bridge of her nose.  “I have diagnostics being ran and teams down there doing surveys as we speak.”

Natalya listened carefully trying to ascertain what the issue could be “Alright Sandoval, so we need to check through the most common issues. I want you to check for out of phase initiator firings and exhaust vane misalignment. Also, I want you to look for any signs of plasma turbulence in the accelerator stage or any possible fuel flow constriction. I will make sure the deuterium fuel flow has been shut off per usual routines as well as making sure the power regulators are not damaged. You have your orders!”

Livvy nodded gently, “Yes ma’am.”

She nodded and went to work checking the systems knowing the issue could not be major due to minor damage if the issue would have been bigger there would have been some bigger indications of it doing so. As she looked at the fuel flow she saw it had not been shut off which was a problem “Computer why did emergency shutdown of the deuterium fuel flow not go into effect?”

“There was no need for the action to be taken according to the systems the engines are within normal parameters.”

Natalya raised her eyebrow “Computer run a level 3 diagnostic on all Engineering systems”

“Main impulse engines offline, cause unknown.”

Natalya nodded that was more like it. She took the appropriate measures to shut off the flow and looked at the power regulators which were undamaged and within normal operating parameters. She waited for any reports from Sandoval and Cordon.

Livvy approached Natalya and handed her a PADD.  “The fusion reactors are functioning properly,  but there’s something preventing the flow of ions into the Accelerator/Generator and the driver coil assembly.”

Natlaya nodded “Do you have any idea what is preventing it? Did you look to see if you could find the issue?”

Livvy nodded, “I think so. We’ll need to make repairs to the accelerator/generators. It shouldn’t take more than thirty or forty minutes… assuming I’m correct.”

Natalya smiled “That is what I like to hear. Let’s get it repaired so we aren’t sitting ducks anymore. Take the manpower you need and get it taken care of Lieutenant.”

She tapped her combadge and listed off three officers and told them to meet her on deck 23.  

Natalya knew Sandoval could handle the repairs, which meant she would be able to give the Captain the news he so desired.