Part of USS Cygnus: A Failure to Communicate

Bump in the Day

Corridor, USS Cygnus
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Stepping out of Sickbay feeling both accomplished and oddly uncomfortable, Captain Bane had finished his coming aboard physical and bio-information uploaded to the ships medical computer by the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Elodin. Next on his agenda was to visit the Science Division and the ships Chief Science Officer, um….well, Bane couldn’t readily remember the name of the ships Chief Science Officer, but it made no matter. He would introduce himself and the Science Officer would introduce him or herself, and at that point Bane would have it committed to memory. The Main Science Lab was two decks down and clear on the opposite side of the ship. While Bane was 100% positive a turbolift could get him there in just moments, he wanted to use this time to make his way through the ship. What better way to learn it?

Several minutes later, his attention on the door that read “Supply Room: Operations,” he bumped into a person. “Oh, sorry about that,” he said, looking at the…the…the fox? in a teal uniform. Bane noticed several things right off the bat, other than this person being, well, a fox. First, that this cat was an Ensign, no, wait, a Lieutenant junior grade, and second, that this fox had not one, not two, but three (!) tails! “Uh, I mean to say, sorry about that, Lieutenant…” he said, trailing off, a custom that led to the receiving person telling their name.

“It is alright sir.” She said. “I’m Kin’Fuji Hartley, I just came aboard.” She added was her tails shifting out being her. “Please call me Kin’Fuji.”

It then dawned on Bane that he had seen this officer before, in the very recent past. “Didn’t I see you on the Cavalry?”

“Sorry Sir, I never served on that ship.” Kin’Fuji said. “I just transferred over from the Calgary, with my wife and daughter.” She explained. “The Cait’sune are a rarer subspecies of the Caitian people. So it is possible that you are mistaking me for another of my people. Maybe one of my cousins.”

Bane nodded. “That may be it. If that is the case, please accept my sincerest apologies for the mistaken identity,” he said, meaning it. “I just came aboard to. What is your position and duty aboard this ship, and have you checked in just yet?”

“Medical Officer.” She stated. “I was originally slotted for the Assistant Chief Medical Officer, but there was a mixup with personnel. It was given to to another.” Kin’Fuji said with a smile. “I was offered another ship, but that would mean my wife would be posted here without me and our daughter. So I took the down grade in position so I can be with Christina.” She stated. “I was on my way to check in, but I was asked for help from one of the Nurses.” She added.

Plase nodded in understanding. It was admirable that this officer would take a downgrade in position. He was sure Starfleet would make it up to her, and if not Starfleet, then Bane would make it his personal mission to do so. Naturally, he did not tell the Doctor this. “Good. Well, welcome aboard, Doctor. I look forward to seeing you around the ship. If you need anything, please get with either your Chief Medical Officer, or me if necessary.”

“I will, sir.” Kin’Fuji said. “Christina is already supervising the modifications to our quarters.” She stated.

That stopped the Commanding Officer in his tracks. Generally speaking, the Operations Officer had authority to grant the modifications and changes that each species in Starfleet required to be comfortable in their quarters. However, it was also customary for the Chief Operations Officer to inform the Captain when said approval, or denial for that matter, was issued. As the Chief of Operations had not yet done this, it surprised him. “What sort of changes, Doctor?” He wasn’t being accusatory, despite his frustrations with his Operations Officer, but expressing curiosity and a genuine interest in his crew.

“Well….” Kin’Fuji started as she scratched at the side of her muzzle, as she was a bit embarrassed. “There is some equipment in our quarters that are not suitable for those with extra appendages.” She stated as her tails danced behind her, drawing attention to them.

“Ah,” he said, holding his hand up in a gesture that not further explanation was needed. “Well then, I sincerely hope once all the modifications are completed, you, your wife and family will be extremely comfortable.” He smiled at the Doctor, then continued. “Please excuse me, Doctor. I have a considerable amount of work to do before the Cygnus and the Calgary part ways,” he stated. “Again, welcome aboard, and have a wonderful day!”

Kin’Fuji flashed a brilliant smile at the Captain. “Thank you sir.” She said. “I hope the rest of your day is a pleasant and productive.”

With that, the two officers parted ways.



Kin’Fuji Hartley, Lieutenant jg
USS Cygnus, Medical Officer


Bane Plase, Captain
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