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Patrolling the Promenade

SBB Promenade
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After all the new security personnel got checked in they received there patrol assignments. Ta’set was assigned to patrol with an attractive human female, an Ensign Thompson. “Greetings Ensign. Is this your first assignment since you left the academy?” Ta’set asks as he walks up to the woman before they begin their patrol. Ta’set is tugging on his uniform a bit, still not quite used to how it feels. Though he is thankful to finally be armed again now that he has a duty posting in security. Being completely unarmed is such a weird feeling for him.

Sonja was happy to finally have an assignment. She had felt so useless sitting in classes for the past few days prior. She was teamed up with a Romulan one of the few she had encountered during her time in Starfleet. She met him outside the security office and waited as he greeted her. “Hello Ensign Ta’set, I had a few acting assignments in the Academy, but nothing like this.” She noticed he seemed to be uncomfortable in the uniform, but decided she wasn’t in a place to ask why. She just continued to walk towards the Promenade until the two arrived there.

“So looks like we’re to patrol the main ring of the Promenade seems like a pretty straight forward day.” She said with enthusiasm.

“I guess we should get to know the area and the people here as the commander suggested. Want to start with a restaurant? I haven’t eaten yet today”

Sonja looked around for a moment “Eating on duty? Is that allowed?” She asked wondering why the suggestion had been given. She had never heard of that in her time as a Cadet did it change when you got an assignment?

“Is that not a good way to meet the people of the promenade! Aren’t we supposed to be a presence here? I feel like places where people are likely to gather would be the best place to do that?”

Sonja thought for a moment “I guess it could be possible.”

“Should we head to ”The Gate Inn”? It is in our sector and seems as good a place as any to start.”

Sonja nodded and made her way with Ta’set to The Gate Inn. “Looks like a friendly place hopefully it stays peaceful.”

“Indeed” Ta’set says. He slots an open table and leads Sonja to it. When a waiter shows up he orders and osal twist and a green tea. He keeps his eyes and ears open scanning the restaurant for a thing out of place.

Sonja did the same thing in almost synchronized movement. As they sit at the table she ordered a English breakfast tea and a bagel before settling into the seat “This place seems pleasant and well managed. Looks like we shouldn’t have many problems here. I’ll be able to say more one I try the food.“ she chuckled.

After a few minutes the food arrives. “It’s not as good as at home, but its better than I expected from the Federation.” Ta’set remarked trying his osal. “You are right. This place seems pretty quiet. I wouldn’t imagine many nefarious things go on here.” He looks around again. “So where should we go after this?”

She looked across the way at the gaming establishment on the other side of the promenade “I think there could be a place we find something of interest.” She said as she wiped her mouth from what she had just ate.

Ta’set finishes his food. “Lead the way” 

Sonja nodded and led the way over to the establishment and peered in looking at the activity trying to see if she could catch something “You see anything that could be suspicious?”

“Its a gaming establishment. Doesn’t that guarantee something suspicious is going on inside?” Ta’sat replies with a small chuckle. “Look. That Ferengi over there, by the dabo table.  Watch his hands.”

Sonja nodded and began to watch the Ferengi . A small amount of time later she saw him make a motion with his hands on different occasions. “I think he is signaling that Orion over there.” She said covertly motioning to the Orion. 

“I think you are right. We should intervene.”

She nodded and looked around “How should we do that though? They have quite a few people around and we could hurt someone if we take the wrong action.”

“Well I don’t think we need to go in guns blazing. Maybe we should just join the next game. Maybe our presence will help”

Sonja looked around and nodded “Let’s do it. We should be able to win the right way if the game isn’t being thrown in the favor of the cheaters.”