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Captains log Stardate ?

Starfleet Ship yards
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(This is a prologue)

Starfleet has finally finished work on my new command    A Brand class battle cruiser named the USS Altera, NCC 1302-F. Captain Allison Jade Rickaru thought back over the years and to the ships she had commanded from a Miranda class ship named Northwestern to her last command an Odyssey class ship that shared the namesake of her new pride and joy.

   Despite being 800 earth years old she had served starfleet for the past 750 years. Her home planet  was a distant memory, when she was a child she was assimilated by the borg. Near as she could tell her race aged very slowly, made apparent by her physical appearance. Her home planet Altera was extremely close to the galactic core and was unfortunately technologically advanced enough to draw the attention of the borg. As she gazed upon her newest command she couldn’t help thinking about her first command and crew….