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Part of USS Cygnus: A Failure to Communicate

Shipwide Announcement

USS Cygnus
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Bane watched Captain Stafford and now-Captain Pope leave the Ready Room. He looked around for a moment, all of Captain Stafford’s belongings and mementos still adorning the desk, bulkheads and tables about the room and exhaled. Stepping around the desk, he sat down in his chair and looked at the computer. Captain Stafford had been going over First Contact procedures. It was a good idea, as they were expected to have First Contact with at least one civilization unknown to them in the coming months.

He read over the procedures and regulations himself for a few moments, before remembering that he had other tasks ahead of him before he got into the meat and potatoes of this mission. First and foremost, he would need to inform the crew of the change of command. Usually it was a big to-do ceremony, but with orders from Starfleet being so time sensitive, as well as the USS Calgary leaving in a very short time, there was no time to assemble the crew and do it properly. Plus, it was a major shock to Captain Stafford and Captain Pope that they were being reassigned.

“Attention All Hands,” Bane began. “This is Captain Bane Plase, your new Commanding Officer. Starfleet Command, in their infinite wisdom, has seen to promote Captain Stafford to a new post on Earth, and has promoted Commander Pope to Captain to assume command of the USS Mandrake, effective immediately. If you see them before they depart the ship, please be sure to congratulate them on their promotions. I know I am filling big shoes, and look forward to earning your trust and respect.

“As soon as we are finished taking on supplies, equipment and crew, we will be departing and headed for the mission you, that is we,” he corrected himself, “Were already on, to explore the area of space on the relative back side of Cardassian space, a section of space that has been closed off to exploration and study until now. Please brush up on your First Contact procedures, as it is likely we will need them.

“I will be making my rounds around the ship to visit and introduce myself to as many of you as possible, or calling you to the Captain’s Ready Room to meet with me.

“That is all. Please tend to your assigned duties and continue to serve in an exemplary manner to which the Crew of the Cygnus is widely known. I genuinely look forward to serving with each and every one of you. Captain Bane out.”




Bane Plase, Captain

USS Cygnus, Commanding