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Hospital Visit

December 2399
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Things seemed to be chaotic in the local hospital, though there weren’t any major injuries that she could see during their initial walk-through. Natashia had her medkit with her and looked at Doctor Macomb, “where did you want to start?” Natashia asked looking at him, as she knew it would probably be a good idea to get these people out of here in case something more drastic happens and they have more severe injuries come in.

Elisha gave Natashia a slight smile. “Seeing as things are thankfully a lot less urgent than we were led to believe I think our best course of action is to help with triage until the officials let us know what else they need help with. The supplies were beamed down about five minutes ago, and some equipment as well. I think osteoregenerators are going to be in heavy rotation for a while; I’ve seen plenty of broken bones since we got down here.” he said, in reply.

“I’m assigning Thomas to ensure inventory is maintained, we don’t want any equipment left behind, but other than that I think we are going to just have to dive in and get our hands dirty,” he added. He couldn’t explain how glad he was that the situation had been presented as more urgent than it was. He’d feared they’d arrive to find a massive emergency and would struggle to provide enough support on their own.

“Understood, I will get started helping with triage. Hopefully, we can get this hospital cleared out in case something else happens and we have more serious injuries come in.” She said she was always told to prepare for the worst even when things were not.

“That’s the plan,” Elisha said with a grin. “And I know for a fact our teams are all ready for it.”

Just as Elisha finished his sentence the doors to the urgent care center swished aside. Two burly men, dressed in incredibly dirty uniforms came through, with a third man, smaller, and barely even clothed anymore, held up between them. His feet were dragging the ground, and Elisha couldn’t even tell for sure if he was alive. As they were the closest to them he immediately approached, waving for Natashia to join him. Snapping his tricorder open he began to take readings and gave a sigh of relief when it showed signs of life.

“What happened?” he asked, noting the tattered uniform he was wearing showed he was a medic, or more correctly a first responder.

The tallest of the men spoke, his deep voice booming in the cavernous waiting room. “He was trying to get inside a building, we’d heard some rustling and he figured it might be someone too injured to cry out, or maybe a scared kid. I don’t know what happened exactly, but the next thing we know the whole side of the building collapsed in on him. Took us damn near a half hour to dig him out,” he said.

His companion took up the thread of conversation next, his voice thick with emotion, and wavering like he was on the verge of tears “We weren’t even sure he was still alive, but we had to at least try…”

Elisha could see the fear in his eyes, and reached out and clasped him on the shoulder. “We’re going to do everything we can,” he said, and then turned to Natashia, head to the desk, let them know we need a gurney or a bed, and a crash team if they’ve got one to spare. He’s alive, but just barely.”

“On it,” she replied running off in one direction to get the crash team and gurney before arriving back a few moments later.

“Let’s get him sat down at least,” he said, turning his attention back to the others, and motioning towards some chairs to their right.

A few minutes later the crash team, and the requested bed appeared, and Elisha watched as the two men hauled him up onto the bed and settled him. He looked the one man, the one who had seemed so scared, in the eyes. “Family?” he asked.

“He’s my husband…” the man replied.

“I promise you, I’m going to make sure we do everything we can. He’s pretty bad off, but I think he’ll pull through. Stay close, if you can, and I’ll make sure to keep you updated,” Elisha replied, and then motioned for Natashia and the others to follow him.

She followed him towards a room where they would begin to help the injured man, taking out her tricorder she began to scan him. “Looks like he’s got several broken ribs one seems to have punctured his left lung.” Natashia began to report, “he’s also got some a broken leg from what looks like a block landing on him as the building collapsed.” She added looking at the doctor, right now I am not detecting any other injures on scans.” She finished as she pressed a hypospray to the patient’s neck to help relieve some of the pain.

“Agreed, but we need to monitor for crush syndrome. It can creep up fast and we don’t want to lose any kidney function,” Elisha replied, getting right to work with the osteoregenerator on the ribs. “I’m also seeing some meniscal tearing in his right shoulder, probably from the impact of some of the failing stone. May require some microsurgery to truly get that repaired so he doesn’t suffer residual pain.”

She nodded almost beating herself up as she missed that on her scans, she would beat herself up at a later time right now they needed to get him stabilized and operated on to repair the internal injuries. “He is stable to be able to repair the hole in his lung,” she replied as she monitored him for any changes. Things continue to go as planned as they worked, with people going in and out of the hospital as the medical team from the Aquarius worked to get them out as quickly but as safely as possible.