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Unexpected Changes

USS Columbia - Chief Engineers Quarters
MD 01 - 2130 Hours
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Natalya had just finished her fifth shift in her new position and she wasn’t quite sure how to feel about it. This was the quickest transfer she had ever experienced and yet something about it felt right. She was just the XO of the Europa, only a few weeks prior, but in her time she had really felt a longing to get back to Engineering. She had enjoyed her time as the XO, and would have stayed there, but it seemed she was destined for different things.

She had been transferred to the USS Columbia, a beautiful Galaxy class cruiser, as the new Chief Engineering Officer and the ships Second Officer. She had to admit it was nice to still have some command structure, but she couldn’t wait to really get the feel of the Columbia and the new Engineering crew. She had been trying to make sure the crew was prepared for the upcoming mission. She had requested some normal work to be done during the Gamma shift. After making sure the teams were doing what they needed to she had headed back to her quarters.

She asked the replicator to make her a strong cup of coffee and sat down on her couch looking through the information on her PADD regarding the engineering personnel and the many task assigned to the teams. She had been seeing the results of the days work and the reasons things weren’t finished, most of them were unacceptable. She had been in Starfleet for a long time and regardless of how long it may have taken she did it to make sure the job was done even if it caused danger to herself.

“Computer start Engineering log:

The Engineering crew has began to take their stride, but I can still see reservations with the teams and know I will have to work on the confidence of the teams, but I know with time they will be more than capable of carrying out the orders given. I remember when I started I was probably just as bad if not worse it takes time and experience, which will come. The Captain made me Second Officer due to my many years in Starfleet and prior positions. I will miss being in Command of the ship, but I still get a taste here or there. We never think of the future when we feel we have met the ultimate goal, but sometimes things change and we adapt as we always have as humans. I look forward to the adventures that are to come.

“End log”

As she finished the log she settled back into her chair sipping her coffee thinking about the memories she held when the ship immediately lurched her coffee going everywhere,

“Koerner to Engineering report” She said with a hint of surprise in her voice.

“Lieutenant Thompson here, we have no idea what just happened Commander. The officer replied.

Natalya shook her head “I will be on my way in just……” She was cut off by a request for all Senior Officers to the Bridge.

“Continue to monitor I will hopefully have answers soon.” She said to the officer in Engineering.

She made her way in the direction wondering what was going on.