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Chapter 2. Pecking Order

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Starfleet Academy

Torack (Vulcan) Freya (Betazoiod) Yarn Jal (Joined Trill) TJ (Human Male)

When last we saw Freya and Jal – they had taken off on some adventure leaving TJ and Torack in the dorm room to figure things out.

Yarn Jal and Freya returned to their dorm room, 208 B after a full day of exploring the campus. TJ and Torack sat playing what appeared to be a very serious game of Kal-toh. “Well, it looks like you worked things out.” Yarn stated in a matter-of-fact way. He turned and gave her an arching eyebrow, “In a most logical manner.” He responded in a sarcastic tone of voice – and they both laughed.

TJ kept his eyes and most of his focus in the game. It was a moment of strategy and patience, each move having implications that could make or break you. “Working through disagreements smoothly and logically is essential to building a team bond”

He hadn’t finished his sentence before realizing his mistake and what a mistake it was. Torack had beaten him. The vulcan looked at him quite passively “It is illogical to try and focus on moments of strategy and philosophy at one time. Quite a human trait.”

TJ smiled, “That’s a good point and I will keep that in mind.” he then turned and looked at the other two. “I take it you got your exercise and a nice view of the campus,” he said as more of a statement than a question.

A short conversation takes place and TJ is ready to step up to be in charge of the small group when Freya announces that she will be running the little group. the Vulcan arched his eyebrow, but says nothing and returns to the game.

“I should be the one running the group as my focus is here and I have experience with small units,” Said Tj as he thought back to his siblings.

Yarn, tired from a day of walking, grabbed a towel from his bed. “Hey, I am fine whoever is in charge, you figure it out. I am hitting the showers.” He had spent most of the day listening to Freya and found that she could talk nearly non-stop and was not going to attempt to stop her now.

“Freya, it’s great that you want to take charge but I’m not sure you are the best fit. You need a single-minded focus on the team and success and the ability to think ahead”, said TJ as he looked at her.

Freya removes her top and says, “Listen, I am not going to stand here and argue with you, I am a Betazoid and I know what all you young men think about.” She jabbed her finger at each of them. Her eyes turned toward Torack and gave him a wink. He tilted his head to the side as if he was about to give a retort when he thought better of it. With a short meditative sigh, he turned his focus back to the game.

TJ felt his skin heat a little. She was attractive but this was not about looks. “A little presumptuous to think you know what is always going on in our heads.”

Freya gives her shoulders a little shake. “With hormones like that, you can hardly be judged to be in charge of anything.” She gave him a look with wide eyes and her eyes slowly glanced in a southern direction.

“See what I mean.” Her comment was meant to embarrass TJ.

She turned and put her clothes in the closet and with resolve stated “Lights out.”
She hopped into the top bunk and settled herself in, “Time for some rest boys, tomorrow is going to be a busy day.” She announced in an authoritative tone.

Torack had no intention of going to sleep, but he also was not going to sit in the dark and so he crawled into bed.

Tj took off his own shirt, folding it and placing it on his bed as he took a seat slowly to avoid falling in the dark. His body to Freya’s credit was a hail storm of emotions and hormones but not all of them carnal. “I’m not done with this conversation, just because you can stir up hormones doesn’t mean you are the best leader,” he said taking a deep breath before sliding on the floor and starting some breathing exercise. He did need sleep but he needed to relax first.

Moments later, Yaran returned from the showers and was surprised to see the room was completely dark. “What did I miss?” He asked rhetorically.