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Profile Overview

T.J. Rivers

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Rivers


Commanding officer
USS Rome


Thomas Jefferson (T.J.) Rivers was born a twin. He and his siblings joined Starfleet together. After the academy, all 3 had different journeys. T.J. found himself working hard and eventually in captivity as the lights faded he received another chance and this experience change him leading him to Starfleet intelligence that set him on a path to an eventual command as he awaits assignment at starbase 72.


Father: Retired Captian William Rivers
Mother: Retired Commodore Betty Rivers
Brothers: Lieutenant Alex Rivers (Twin) Assistant chief medical officer USS Riviera
Sister: Lieutenant Commander Alice Rivers Chief engineer USS Amazon
Spouse: Lieutenant Commander Shelby Rivers
Kis: Emil Rivers, Tess Rivers

T.J. was born a twin. He and his brother Alex were born to William and Betty Rivers. T.J. is the younger of the 2 boys they also have an older sister Alice. They Grew up in San Francisco, both parents worked at Starfleet academy. Growing up the 3 kids were close. They use to sit and talk about what life would bring how their careers would play out. They were 2 years apart and decided to enter Starfleet together. It was a dream of all of there’s so they wanted to start the process together.

They would train physically 3 times a week to be in peak condition, they are had their own strengths and weaknesses. T.J. struggled when it came to anatomy and medical information while he could answer the basic’s he wasn’t able to do much more. He gravitated to the tactical security track the same one his father had taken. He had laid his eyes on a degree in small unit tactics.

They wanted to be like their parents and follow in their footsteps. They tried to discourage them but it fell of deaf ears they knew their great grandparents had been in Starfleet and wanted to carry on the legacy.

2372-2382 Starfleet Academy
T.J. started as a tactical and security cadet, Alex was a medical student and, Alice was an engineering student. T.J. was a good student with his head always in the book’s it was in contrast to his siblings. 2 years in he was in the top 3 in his class while his brother was struggling to keep up, his sister was in the middle of the class. It was at this time he met Shelby his future wife. She was also a medical student and he met her when she was helping his brother study.

In his senior year, he was one of a few cadets from his class chosen to do a senior cruise on the USS Rome. The CO was Captain Emil Shadix. When they came aboard they received a short speech about commitment and attention to detail. T.J. felt this was his moment to shine for all of his dedication to pay off. His free time was spent learning and trying to absorb as much knowledge as he could. In the year on the ship, he had only had to use force on an away team once.

2382-2383 USS Rome

When the year was over he found his assignment was the USS Rome. He was excited and when he caught up with his siblings he noticed none of them were stationed on the same ship which he knew he should expect. He reached out to Shelby and found out they were both assigned on the USS Rome. They started spending their off time together and grew closer.

On the first mission as an official member of the USS Rome, they were assigned to look investigate some freighter raids. It seemed like an easy enough task on paper. While they managed to disable the ship they sent over an away team. The xo, the assistant chief of security, and a few security officers including T.J. The crew of the ship had played possum and made it look like surrender as the team made its way farther into the ship a few crew members opened fire. The assistant chief was killed and T.J. was hit. He continued to fire his phaser with what little strength he had before passing out. He awoke back on the USS Rome.

Shelby found it impossible to be the doctor to deal with him as she could not separate feeling from duty. This was noted and was a bad mark for her but for him, it told him all he needed to know. It took him some time to recover but when he did he was promoted to lieutenant Jg. and given the role of Assistant Chief of security and tactical. The USS Rome was then assigned to a patrol around the Klingon border as 2 colonies reported attacks by the House of Mo’kai.


The USS Rome was attacked and despite the best efforts of the ship’s crew, it was critically damaged. The crew made their way’s to the escape pods and sent out a distress call stating they were ambushed by 4 attackers. Most of the escape pods managed to clear the combat area. T.J. Made sure Captian Shadix made it to an escape pod and tried to keep fighting to keep the enemy distracted. when he used the last escape pod he didn’t make it far before he was surrounded and captured.

He had lied and claimed to be the captain of the ship in the hopes to buy time for the crew. The gamble paid off for the crew and ended up bad for him. He was struck, when he awoke he was in a damn cold cell. Each day he was asked question’s he didn’t know the answer to. He found himself wanting to give up. While there are those who say Starfleet doesn’t give up, he disagreed each day was a different agony. He tried to face each day clinging on to the memories of his family and the crew he had come to love. As the days drew on he found himself in despair his body breaking and his will lost. Finally, as he was sure he was going to die rescue came his salvation came in the way of the USS Bethesda.

After 8 months in captivity, the chief medical officer of the Bethesda did what they could. They set a direct course to Starbase 16. It was a fight each day for him. He spent another month recovering in the starbase before he was allowed to try and move around on his own. His siblings each came one at a time to visit and check on him. Each had new life changes to tell him about. It was a moment of shock for him and a moment of joy for them as the fear in their heart dissipated.

Captain Shadix and Shelby both paid him a visit. The captain wanted to check on him and extended him the opportunity to join his crew when he received a new ship. Shadix has expressed his gratitude and guilt. While he was right that the crew did need him he knew everything he went through was on him. Sometimes it’s easier when you don’t know the person but for the pair, it was mentor and mentee.

He and Shelby had shared their thoughts and minds of went on while he was gone. They both agreed this was the life they chose but that didn’t mean they had to do it alone and they decided to join as man and wife. On the last day before Captain Shadix left T.J. Asked and he married the two of them.

2387-2389 USS Inidoaplis

A few days’s later as he lay in his bed he received the offer to join Starfleet intelligence. He was recommended by Captain Shadix. It took him some time to mull over the offer but he decided to take it. He wanted back in the fight but he didn’t want to rush it he needed time to mend physically and mentally.

It took some time for him to adjust to the job, but it was a change and after his experience, it was the only choice. He still had nightmares of the experience. He worked hard trying to adjust and he got to put all his pain into his work. It started to pay off he ended up being assigned to the USS Indianapolis as the chief intelligence officer. Shelby came on board as the assistant chief medical officer.

The ship was assigned near the Klingon border and sometimes it was hard but the ship was doing important work and the ship’s counselor helped keep him in the right mind space. He spent time with the executive office and it helped him with his thinking as he got to see new ways to think and plan. 6 months later Shelby gave birth to one of their 2 children. He discovered another ambush like the one that destroyed the USS Rome and this time Starfleet was able to stop it.

2389-2394 USS Excalibur

After a year he was reassigned to the USS Excalibur under the command of Captain Shadix as well as being promoted to Lieutenant Commander and given the role of the executive office. This reunion was something he hadn’t expected. It was an honor and pleasure for him. The captain was a mentor to him and in the last few years, they had stayed in touch with each other. This was a crash course in command for him. He thought nothing would phase him but he learned there was a difference between following orders and giving them to others with minimal risk.

2394-2399 USS Winnston

6 months later his sister was assigned to the ship. It was a great surprise and it let him be close to part of his family. It was new for him and for his family to be so close to a sibling and their family.

After a year of diplomatic and exploration missions, he was reassigned to starbase 72 pending a command of his own Shelby reviled she was pregnant again. 4 months after reaching the starbase she gave birth. Now he waits for his next adventure.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2372 - 2382 Sec/tac Officer Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2382 - 2383 Security Oficer USS Rome
2383 - 2387 Assistant chief of security and tactial USS Rome
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2387 - 2389 Intelligence officer USS Indianapolis
2389 - 2394 Executive officer USS Excalibur
Lieutenant Commander
2399 Reassignment Starbase Seventy-two
2394 - 2399 Xo USS Winston
Lieutenant Commander