Part of Starbase 72: New Horizons and Task Force 72: Headquarters

New Horizons I

Starbase 72
December 2399
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Three days ago Lieutenant Niamh O’Donoghue had wanted nothing more than rest. After five years serving on an hospital hospital ship, the U.S.S.. Hippocrates, she’d begun to feel like the winds of change pushing her toward a transfer. Though she’d found her work with the crew both rewarding and enriching, she could no longer deny the physical and psychology toll that hopping from crisis to crisis was beginning to take on her. After some reflection, she decided there was only so much she could take and with that promptly put into transfer to the Fourth Fleet.

Somewhat impulsively she had cashed in her remaining shore leave days and made her way directly for Task Force 72 upon discovering the station function as an hub for incoming officers, hoping that she’d be lucky enough to secure something a little more promptly.

That was how she found herself here, walking down the last part of corridor that separated her from opportunity. She never bothered with the shore leave in the end, the three days spent on the runabout that shipped her had left her restless. Niamh entered the foyer to Captain Th’lora Vehl’s office quietly, smiling politely towards the receptionist as she cleared the distance.

“Welcome to the Task Force office. How may I be of assistance?” the receptionist asked, greeting the woman standing before her with a smile.

“Good Morning, I was wondering if I’d be able to steal a moment of Captain Vehl’s time?” the Irishwoman asked politely.

“Captain Vehl is quite busy, but if you’ll give me a moment I’ll see if she can spare a few moments.” Tapping a couple of buttons, she opened a comm channel to the office behind her and awaited a response.

“Yes, Rachel?” the curt reply came from the other end.

“I apologize for the intrusion Captain, but there is a Miss O’Donoghue here to see you. She says she was sent here by the CO of the Hippocrates.”

There was a brief, several second pause before the captain replied “Send her in.”

The receptionist turned to face the door behind and to her left and motioned with an outstretched hand, “You may go in.”

“Thank you very much” Niamh said with a slight nod of her forehead before making her way into the room.

“See that these supplies are delivered to the Potemkin in berth thirteen, and have this report delivered to Commodore Jalian as soon as possible. He’ll need it before meeting with the Ambassador from Betazed tomorrow morning.” Th’lora said to her aide before dismissing him.

Rising from her seat, Th’lora extended her hand to greet the woman now standing before her. “A pleasure to meet you Miss O’Donoghue. You’ll have to forgive me. I was not expecting anyone today. I can however, spare a few minutes. What can I do for you?”

“Captain”, Niamh took Th’lora’s hand respectfully before withdrawing her own, “Forgive me for just dropping in like this I was hoping I have an unconventional request to make” the counsellor explained, realising just how impulsive she might have been, “I was wondering if I could discuss finding a posting that offers and immediate start? I was originally supposed to be on shore leave but I find myself incredibly restless”.

“Ordinarily,” Th’lora began, “This would be a matter that should be brought to the Personnel Office. However, since you took the time to come all this way, let me see what I can do.”

Th’lora reseated herself and pressed the cold metallic power switch, activating her terminal. She specifically requested access to the personnel database, and cross-referenced it with ships in the fleet that met the requirements Niamh was looking for. When the results came up, she postulated that none of the options would be overly appealing given their current status, but surmised that there was at least one that would fit the criteria desired.

“It looks like there are three available ships that meet the criteria you’re seeking. There is the USS Magellan, Galaxy-class, crew complement of just over a thousand currently seeking an assistant for their Chief Counsellor. Unfortunately they’re a month out before they reach a starbase. Then we have the Comanche an Akira-class vessel. She’s still another two and a half weeks before her refit is complete. However, they’re needing a full crew complement so you’d have your pick of positions. Finally there is the Aquarius, a Resolute-class vessel. She’s docked at the Devron Fleet Yards preparing to depart in just over a week for the former Romulan Neutral Zone en route to Caldos. Captain Derohl is in need of a Chief Counsellor. Do any of those sound of interest to you?” She asked.

Niamh mulled her options for a moment, though as soon as the Aquarius had been mentioned she had already made her choice. Of the three, she had already heard of the Aquarius though a fellow Academy alumnus who was stationed as their Chief Medical Officer. Though he’d only joined recently himself, she had known Lieutenant Elisha Macomb since her first days at the academy. They had never been close, but had maintained communication and one of their last conversations had been her friend letting her know he had begun to settle in.

“I’d like to chose the Aquarius, please” Niamh confirmed, “I have a passing familiarity for the vessel and I already know that I’d happy on a vessel with her mission profile” she smiled.

“Very well. I will draft up the paperwork for your transfer and forward it off to Captain Derohl immediately. He shall be expecting you upon your arrival. Was there anything else I can assist you with?”

“Not at all, Captain” Niamh assured Th’lora. “I’d honestly come in wondering if I’d be told to take an hike and do things by procedure. I’m very grateful that you took the time out of your schedule to help me out, it’s greatly appreciated”

“Think nothing of it.” Th’lora began as she rose from her seat “It’s one of the ways I differentiate myself from others in the administration. I know what it’s like to be between assignments, so I’m glad I could be of assistance. Just don’t let it become common knowledge that my door is open. I don’t need every officer looking for a new posting knocking on my door.” she concluded with a chuckle.

Niamh smirked, tapping her nose, “of course, Captain. Your secret is safe we me” she promised.

With a final handshake to conclude the meeting, Th’lora wished Niamh luck with her future posting and returned to her seat to resume her previous duties.

With that Niamh ventured back out into the station proper, she had time to kill before she’d need to depart for Devron Fleet Yards and the stations lakeside café was dying to be visited.