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Part of Task Force 72: Headquarters

Starbase 72: New Horizons

Niamh's first steps towards joining The Fourth Fleet.

Mission Description

Starfleet Counselling Officer, Lieutenant Niamh O’Donoghue, takes the first steps towards joining The Fourth Fleet.

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4 July 2022

The One He Couldn't Save...

Starbase 72: New Horizons

Roger rushed down the hallway. He’d been requested in the sickbays. He was a civilian volunteer doctor. A do-gooder with a vision of saving the world (the universe). Some might say he was a sucker. Maybe he was. But all he knew was in that moment, he had lives to save. The Cardassians were [...]

9 January 2022

New Horizons I

Starbase 72: New Horizons

Three days ago Lieutenant Niamh O’Donoghue had wanted nothing more than rest. After five years serving on an hospital hospital ship, the U.S.S.. Hippocrates, she’d begun to feel like the winds of change pushing her toward a transfer. Though she’d found her work with the crew both [...]