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Mary's Apartment, Earth
January 2400
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Mary had not been able to shake meeting her father out of her head, in fact she had been so excited to meet him that sleep had eluded her for weeks. She realized that she needed to sleep and was attempting to do just that, but it never worked, as every time she shut her eyes she thought of her father. Mary knew little about him because Felicity didn’t want her to inadvertently meet him before he knew she existed. Mary had tried to discover information about her while she was younger, but most of that information was locked behind records she had no access too.

Mary was not one to do something that could be considered illegal, but she was going to do something that could get her and her friend in trouble if she couldn’t get any information soon. She was tired of not knowing the information she had longed to know. She knew she could just ask her father, but it seemed like it would be better if she took the time to learn about him before she actually met him in person. She had some access to Starfleet records with her job, but she doubted that she could access her fathers records. She shrugged ‘What do I have to lose?’

She sat down at her personal computer terminal and input the information to access the records she had access too. She began to slowly and methodically go through the process of records. It wasn’t her normal job, but she was good at it and sometimes could get where she needed. She realized she would not be able to get her fathers information by just asking for it. She was a freelance engineer not an Admiral in Starfleet. She chuckled at the notion of that and mocked giving an order like an Admiral would before she started laughing again. She regained her composure and went back to her work.

(Three Hours Later)

Mary had no success in finding information regarding her father minus a few mentions about his Academy track wins. She stopped and sighed in frustration most people wouldn’t care so much to try and find information out about their father, but she was different. She loved her dad even though she barely knew him. Her friends had thought her crazy, but she didn’t mind because she knew how she felt. She finally decided it was time to initiate her plan.

She activated the comm link and waited for an answer, which came quickly in front of her was a shadowy figure. She rolled her eyes “Stop trying to act all mysterious Tom. I know who you’re and the whole covert act doesn’t work with me.”

The figure sighed and got closer “Come on Mary! Can’t you just indulge me once and awhile.”

She shook her head “I love you, but no because its ridiculous.”

Tom frowned “I mean you know I am in Intelligence right? So is it really that ridiculous?”

Mary took a sip of her drink and sighed “Ok, 007.” She chuckled at him.

Tom looked back proudly “Call me Bond, Tom Bond.” He said with a hint of a British accent.

Mary had been taking a drink and almost spit it up all over her desk “I was taking a drink you ass.”

Tom winked “You know how I like it when your mouth is full of something.” He laughed hysterically and put his hands up “I’m sorry too much?”

Mary sighed he was insufferable, but she loved him anyways. “You know sometimes I don’t know why I fell in love with you, but I did. Now can we get to the matter at hand?”

Tom looked at her and nodded “I am not sure why you couldn’t find the information, but here is all the information that could be found about your dad.” He said as he transferred the information to her location. She looked to see that she had received it and smiled “Thanks Tom, I hope you don’t get in trouble for this.”

Tom laughed “I don’t think it’s as big a deal as you think, but of something happens to me… it was worth it to see the smile on your face.”

Mary smiled and looked at him “I don’t deserve you.”

Tom smirked “I know. I love you Mary. I’d love to chat longer, but duty calls.”

Mary nodded “I love you too. Have a good day and thanks again.”

The screen went black and Mary sat there for a minute with a smile as she remembered how she had met Tom. She refocused because she had something else to be doing right now. She opened the record of her Dad and saw a picture of him when he was young. This was the fist time she had seen any information about him. She grabbed her coffee from the table and went to snuggle on the couch as she read.

She was surprised to find out just how much her father had done over his tenure in Starfleet each position adding more flair to the last. His achievements and awards alone were something she couldn’t believe. Her dad was a through and through model officer and just as amazing as her mom had told her the few times she had brought him up. She had went to the bar her mother owned and found a spot at one of the table with her parents names on the wall. She had so much to learn about her dad that the records wouldn’t show, but with his position he had to be busy and she didn’t want to bother him. She would be meeting him soon enough.

She had been told by so many people she should be bitter about her father her only question was why. Why should she be bitter about something that wasn’t in her control. Could she have called her dad and told him? Yes, but that would have made things worse in the end and she didn’t want that feeling of guilt on her. She was happy with how things were and couldn’t wait for what else was in store.