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Seeing Double?

December 2399
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Jheria having already unpacked after arriving on board a few hours earlier made her way into the ship’s main engineering in the secondary hull. The Odyssey-class ship had two main engineerings one in the secondary hull as well as the saucer section. Engineers were moving from one place to another, double-checking everything to make sure the ship was ready to go at a moment’s notice. 

“Computer run a level four diagnostic on all ships systems,” Jheria ordered as the computer beeped.

“A level four diagnostic will take one hour to complete, do you want to proceed?” the computer asked.

“Yes,” Jheria replied, as the computer began the diagnostic on the ship’s systems. Once that was started she made her way out of engineering and headed a little way down the hall to where her office was located. Walking in she saw a Bajoran male with the rank of Lieutenant Commander sitting at what was supposed to be her desk.

“What are you doing in my office?” Jheria said with her arms crossed as she saw the other man at the desk who wasn’t paying attention just about jump out of the chair as he was startled.

“Excuse me, your office?” Piyu replied looking at the Andorian which was his superior though he didn’t know it. “Last time I checked I was the new Chief Engineer, so it’s my office,” He replied as he sat there.

She couldn’t help but chuckle at his stupidity at what he just said, which caused him to raise an eyebrow, “What is so funny?” Piyu asked as he didn’t seem to get the joke, or knew that she even told a joke.

“There seems to be some mix-up, I am Commander Jheria Dilucca the senior chief engineer onboard the Saratoga, your office is actually in the main engineering in the saucer section,” Jheria replied as he still sat there not budging.

“Interesting, I was never told about that” he replied as he looked at her with suspicion.

“I would suggest that you look at your orders again?” Jheria suggested as she rather not involve the Captain in something this trivial.

He looked at her for a few moments before nodded pulling up his orders on the computer and read it again apparently, he had read it so quickly he missed that part where there were two chief engineers, one being a senior chief. Looking a bit embarrassed looked back at the Commander, “I guess your right, I do apologize I had read my orders quickly,” he replied as he stood up grabbing his things.

Jheria nodded, “it happens this is all new to me as well as I have never served on a ship where there was a senior chief or chief position and two main engineerings.” Jheria replied with a shrug as he nodded in agreement.

“Since we started on the wrong foot, let’s start this over,” Piyu said as he extended a hand towards the Commander after he walked around the desk. “I am Lieutenant Commander Piyu Jaiett,” he replied with a smile. 

Jheria took his hand in return, “welcome aboard Commander.” Jheria said with a smile as she walked to the replicator to grab something to drink, noticing that Piyu already had his drink she just went ahead and ordered a coffee with light cream and sugar. She couldn’t handle just plain black coffee, it had to have some favor to it.

“Please take a seat,” Jheria replied gesturing for one of the chairs that were in front of her desk as she took her seat behind. Just as she was about to speak up she heard the door chime go off, raising an eyebrow while looking at Piyu who just shrugged as he wasn’t expecting anyone.

“Enter,” Jheria finally replied looking at the door as it opened to reveal a Caitian woman in engineering yellow who walked in letting the doors close behind her.

Looking at the two officers sitting there, “I am sorry if I am disturbing you, sir.” C’Riia replied looking at them. “I can return at a different time,” she added.

Shaking her head, “no you’re not Lieutenant, how can I help you?” Jheria asked as she hadn’t had time to review any departmental reports, or even crew assignments yet.

“I am Lieutenant C’Riia your new assistant chief engineering officer reporting in sir,” C’Riia replied as she stood there at attention.

“Welcome Lieutenant, please have a seat,” Jheria said as she motioned to the chair next to Commander Piyu. “I am Commander Jheria Dilucca senior chief and this here is,” she began as she gestured to Piyu. “Lieutenant Commander Piyu Jaiett, chief engineer.” Jheria finished with introductions as she looked at the women.

C’Riia nodded as she looked a bit confused though she thought that it would soon be explained.

Jheria looked at both officers, “this is a very unusual situation where there is a senior chief and chief engineer.” Jheria began to speak as the two listened, “since there are two main engineerings onboard the Saratoga there is a need to have them. Commander Piyu here will be running the one in our saucer section while I am down here.” Jheria began to explain the need for them which began to make sense to C’Riia as well as Piyu.

“I will very much be in charge of the engineers on the ship as a whole,” she continued as she looked at Piyu handing him a padd, which contained information on how she ran her department and what was expected. “Even though you will be running the saucer section main engineering you will still report to me. I expect daily reports as well as that area’s duty roster weekly.” Jheria said looking at him waiting for him to respond.

Piyu looked at the padd and quickly read through the information that was contained on it, Piyu was the type that liked order. Though this was certainly different than what he was used to he understood the need. “Understood sir,” came his reply looking back at the Commander putting the padd down on his lap.

Jheria nodded then turned her attention to C’Riia, “things will be a bit different for you as well as you will not only be taking orders from one chief but two. You will be bouncing between both places making sure things are in order.” Jheria said looking at her who just seemed to nod as she understood.

“You will mainly be working with me down here but you will be on rotation, whenever we are in a situation where the saucer section has to be separated you will be with Commander Piyu.” She said as she looked at her, “do you have any questions?” Jheria asked.

C’Riia shook her head, “no sir” she replied as she sat there as she understood what was expected of her.

“Very well, I will let both of you get settled I have already started a level 4 shipwide diagnostic I should know the results soon. Make sure everything is up to par before we are due to depart Devron Fleet Yards, I rather not find any surprises after we leave.” Jheria replied looking at the two.

“Aye sir,” the two seemed to respond in unison.

“Dismissed,” Jheria replied as the two of the officers nodded standing up and heading out of the Commander’s office. After the two had left her office she sat back and looked at the ceiling for a few moments. Turning her head to the right, she saw a crate near the far end of her office which had a small window where she saw the view of the station.

Getting up from her chair she made her way over to where the crate was, opening it. She would spend this time unpacking her items while waiting on the diagnostic to finish. She had multiple books, she enjoyed reading earth’s old fiction, action books. Though lately, she hadn’t had the time to read, though she always tried to take some time to take some breaks and just read to clear her mind.

Just as she finished putting her last item where it belonged, the computer signified that the diagnostic had finished. Walking over to her computer she pulled up the report, everything was within normal parameters. “Wonderful,” she said to herself as she looked at her office one more time satisfied with how it looked she walked out of her office to grab something to eat than to do her rounds, she didn’t always believe what the computer had come back with as she would do her investigations.