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Unwanted Physicals

Medical Bay
December 2399
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Tajir was sitting on the bridge, he knew he needed to get down to the medical bay for his annual physical. He tried to put it off as long as he could though he could only put it off for so long before being hunted down by the doctor himself. Letting out a sigh he turned to his first officer letting her know that he would be heading down for his physical and that she had the bridge. Standing up he headed for the turbolift, “medical bay.” Came his reply as the doors closed shut behind him and began to move towards its destination. Standing there with silence other than the nose of the lift whooshing moving.

After a while the lift stopped with the doors sliding open to reveal the corridor, walking out he began to walk down the halls aways until he reached where the medical bay was located. He stood just at the door but far enough away where the door didn’t activate and open. Taking a moment to take a breath and a way to dodge his physical, though he thought better of it as there was no true way to dodge it. After wrestling the thought he finally entered the medical bay and looked around to see that nurses and other doctors were preparing for their mission.

“Excuse me, where can I find Lieutenant Macomb?” Tajir asked one of the nurses that walked past him.

The nurse looked back at the Captain, “he should be in trauma bay one preparing for any injuries.” The nurse replied pointing in the direction where it was located before moving on with what she was doing.

Tajir nodded and headed in the direction where he was told to go until he arrived to find the doctor, standing there for a few moments as he noticed the doctor hadn’t noticed him yet. ‘You can still run,’ he said in the back of his mind as she shook the thought away before he was tempted to do so. “Sorry if I am disturbing you, Lieutenant, I am here for my physical.” He finally spoke as now it was too late to turn and leave.

Elisha had just finished up the task he was working on and was getting ready to seek out something else to do when he heard the captain’s voice from behind him. He smiled, acknowledging that sometimes the universe provided just what was needed at just the right time. Turning he broadened the smile, and replied, “Not at all, Captain. To tell you the truth I’m always happy when I don’t have to hunt people down,” he said, teasingly. He knew very well that most people hated boarding physicals, and most of them hated being around sickbay, or doctors in general as well.

“Let’s get you up on a biobed and get started,” he said, indicating a nearby bed and grabbing a medical tricorder. “Got anything to report? Any new injuries, or illnesses I should know about? Stuff like that?” he asked, as he started running the tricorder over the man from the head down.

Tajir hopped up on the biobed as he spoke, “other than being a joined Trill with the Derohl symbiont second host.” Tajir replied looking at him as he began running his tests, “nothing new anywhere else that I can remember.” Tajir added with a smile as he worked.

Elisha glanced up, head still down, and smiled. “Well, at least that isn’t new, and you’re just finding out about it. I bet that would be sort of awkward,” He said with a chuckle. He continued scanning and then snapped the tricorder closed.

“Well, looks like you are in perfect health, and from what I could see in your medical records there’s nothing I see that needs to be worried about. I’d say you are more than fit for duty,” he added.

“That’s a good thing,” Tajir said with a chuckle. “I’d hate to start a new command just to be told I am unfit out of the bat, though I am sure it happens from time to time,” Tajir replied as he looked at the doctor.

Elisha nodded, grinning from ear to ear, “I bet that would be one hell of an awkward meeting between a new captain and the ship’s CMO, that’s for sure. Do you have any questions for me? Anything you need or want to know while your down here in the dread depths of sickbay?”

“How’re things going on preparedness for our arrival to Caldos?” Tajir asked as he was here anyways would save him getting a report later.

Elisha leaned back against the biobed behind him, perching on the edge, and clasped his hands in front of him. “As good as it’s going to get, honestly. Until we can get there and really assess the situation there’s not a lot more we can do. I’ve got my team running through preparedness drills for various situations, we’ve gone over the medical stores multiple times, and at this point, it’s just a waiting game. But we will definitely be ready for anything you need from us.”

Tajir nodded as he understood that there was only so much that could be prepared for without knowing what to prepare for. “We should arrive in a few hours,” Tajir replied as he hopped down from the biobed. “Be prepared to beam down once we arrive,” Tajir added as he didn’t have anything else he wanted to ask the doctor at this point.

“Most definitely, Sir,” Elisha replied, “and if you need anything in the interim, you know where to find me!”

“Will do, and if you need anything from me you know where to find me as well, I will let you get back to work,” Tajir replied with a smile as he headed out of the medical bay and back towards the bridge.

Elisha watched the man go, thinking wistfully of Gejad as he did so, and then shook his head, and dispelled the cobwebs of that particular mental trail. With a sigh, he placed the tricorder back where he’d gotten it from and headed back towards his office to go over the schedule he’d worked out for when they arrived at Caldos. He knew it was already in order, but sometimes it helped to give it another glance.