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Mission Briefing

Observation Lounge
December 2399
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Tajir was sitting in the observation lounge just finishing setting up the impromptu meeting he had called which was in about fifteen minutes. Walking to the replicator, “Coffee, Black” Tajir replied as the cup appeared on the platform. Taking the cup he walked over to his chair, taking a sip he remembered he wanted Commander Makoto to be here as well to keep her in the loop of the situation and what was planned. “Commander Makoto please report to the observation lounge in fifteen minutes,” Tajir said over the comm channel.

Aki acknowledged the Captain’s request and then spent the next several minutes collecting any last-minute updates to present to him in the event he asked.

After the comm channel ended he looked over everything again to make sure he wasn’t missing anything, he didn’t want to leave out any information in a situation like this. He had asked the Chief Petty Officer to get him a list of current supplies, he knew they were marked for the Romulan refugees. He knew he would need to use some of it and would have to replace them once they stop back by Devron Fleet Yards. Once he got the report he began to read it while waiting on the others to arrive so he could start the meeting.

Elizabeth entered the conference room with a coffee in a stainless steel mug in one hand and her tool kit in the other.  Her ordinarily neat regulation bun had seen better days. She had resorted to a messy braid twisted around the hair tie and held in place with a thin metal tool.

“Captain,” she greeted.

Looking up from the PADD he was reading, “hello Lieutenant please have a seat.” Tajir replied with a smile as he could see that she also had a coffee in the mug. “Long day already?” Tajir asked as she looked like she had been busy down in engineering.

She sat down at a diagonal from the captain, and nodded, “Nothing so dramatic as all that. I’m addicted to coffee. It’s a real problem. And, I’ve been crawling around in Jeffrey’s tubes all morning tracking down gremlins.”

He couldn’t help but chuckle a little, “I used to have a coffee addiction though I have cut down quite a bit.” Tajir admitted with a smile, “did you find those gremlins?” He asked as she had sat down in the chair.

“Still tracking them down sir,” she replied before taking a sip of her coffee. “Nothing major.  A faulty, sonic shower here. A food replicator replicates the drink on the outside of the cup here.  Just those stupid little bugs that plague a ship right out of space dock.”

Back on the bridge, Aki had finished gathering what she needed, and motioned for Lieutenant Bates as the senior-most officer on the bridge to take the conn and then proceeded to make her way to the observation lounge as requested.

Tajir nodded as he was about to say something to the Lieutenant when the doors opened to reveal the Commander. Aki allowed the doors to close behind her before taking a seat adjacent to the captain. “ETA to Caldo remains unchanged Captain. We should arrive as scheduled,” she said briefly.

“Thank you, Commander,” Tajir replied with a smile.

Just as Aki finished what she was saying about arriving on schedule Elisha walked through the doors into the room. He had almost been late, and the annoyance of that was clear on his face. He had always hated being late, likely because of the consequences that it entailed when he was a child. He’d come prepared with a PADD, and a stylus, ready to take notes on anything he felt he’d need to have at hand for the upcoming mission. Seeing everyone already there, he nodded to each of them, and then took an empty seat. “I’m so sorry it took me so long to get here, Captain,” he said, not bothering with an excuse.

Looking at the Doctor as he entered, “it’s alright Lieutenant we are still waiting on one more person to arrive.” Tajir replied as the Doctor took his seat.

Calum had just gotten a cup of coffee when he remembered there was a meeting he needed to be at. He quickly dressed in the best fashion he could and headed for the main conference room seeing he was last he nodded to the group and took a seat. At times he was a man of few words and this was one of those times.

Seeing that everyone had arrived he decided to begin the briefing, tapping a couple of buttons on the console in front of him to activate the screen which showed the planet of Caldos as well as their weather control systems. “Starfleet Command had received a distress call from Caldos,” Tajir began as he pointed to the planet as well as its location. “Their weather control systems, as well as their seismic stabilizers, have stopped working and they are unable to repair them.” He replied pointing to the side where the information about the control systems was pulled up on the screen ahead of them.

Looking at them for a brief moment to see their reactions before he continued, “they have already experienced an earthquake which they sustained minor damage.” Tajir began taking a breath before he continued, “another earthquake can hit much more devastating than the last one.” He said pulling up information they had on Caldos earthquakes, “we are the closest ship to Caldos so our mission is to repair their systems to hopefully stop the next one from happening.” He finished as he looked at everyone.

“Lieutenant Kyle, you will be assisting their engineers in repairing their systems. I have sent you the schematics so you can prepare any parts that you might need once we arrive.” Tajir said as he tapped a few buttons sending her the information on her PADD.

Elizabeth nodded, “The seismic inhibitors will likely need an overhaul. Strangely, the weather controls are also malfunctioning. The link to the unrelated systems will need to be found. I suspect it’s in the power source. Maybe a contaminated plasma.”

“Commander Hyden, they do not have the necessary equipment to predict how long until the next earthquake hits or how severe it will be. You will bring your equipment and help keep track of any activity while the engineering teams do their repairs all they can speculate it could be days or hours until the next one.” Tajir finished talking looking at him.

Calum listened closely his mind looking at every possible outcome before he tried to make his determination. Even his equipment wasn’t always accurate, especially for that area. “Understood, I will make sure all teams are aware of what is going to happen, though we still may get hit by one. The equipment has been acting up lately and I have been working to recalibrate it, but it has some unexpected challenges.”

Nodding to Calum, Tajir finally turns his attention to Lieutenant Macomb, “you will take a medical team down and help with any wounded they may have.” Tajir replied, “there were still damages from the mild earthquake, and from what I am told they may have some wounded though that isn’t confirmed as of right now.” He finished as he looked at him for a moment.

Elisha had taken notes as the captain had been speaking and looked up as he finished telling him what his duties were going to be. “My team and I will be ready no matter what the situation is, sir. You can count on us to give them the best medical attention they can get.”

After he gave orders he turned to his first officer, “The rest of us will be helping with any cleanup and distribution of supplies which we do have currently in our cargo bays. I have made a list of what is needed if you could get those separated and ready to go when we arrive Commander Makoto.” Tajir said as he sent her the list of what was needed that we have onboard.

“Understood. I’ll assemble a team as soon as possible and aim to be ready for deployment when we arrive.” she replied, making a mental note to check with Macomb and Jackson after the meeting to see what personnel they could spare.

“Does anyone have any other questions?” Tajir asked looking at everyone in the room.

Elizabeth shook her head. She wouldn’t know more until she got down to the planet and inspect the faulty equipment.

Elisha mimicked the engineer, shaking his head in the negative. Even if he had questions, without the captain having extensive medical training as well as access to on the ground information about the status of the colonists he wouldn’t be able to answer them right now. He would just have to wait and see what the situation was like once they arrived and beamed down to start rendering aid.

Since no one had any questions, “dismissed.” Tajir replied as they all filed up to leave the observation lounge to go to their perspective places to prepare for when they arrived at Caldos in a few hours. Once they left Tajir sat down for a moment to gather his thoughts as well as his padds and shut down the computer, after a while, he got up and headed out onto the bridge and sat down in his chair.