Part of USS Aquarius: Unstable Weather

Change in Course

Captain's Ready Room
December 2399
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A couple of hours passed by since they left Devron Fleet Yards, things were quiet for the most part except for a few little hiccups here and there. “Computer begin personal log,” Tajir said as the computer beeped signifying that it was recording. Taking a moment before speaking he looked around the room until he settled for gazing out of the window as the stars flew by.

‘Who would have thought that I would become Captain of my own ship, never thought it would come so quickly.’ He began standing up and walking to the window, ‘now we are heading towards the old Romulan Neutral Zone to provide humanitarian aid to Romulan refugee worlds.’

‘Starfleet thinks I am the person for the job, maybe because I am a joined Trill with one of the past hosts being a Diplomat. I mean that isn’t false and very true and can draw from those experiences, but why me?’ He asked though he knew he wouldn’t get an answer as it was just a log and he was alone in his office.

The more he thought about it, ‘I do have a knack at being able to solve problems peacefully in tough and stressful situations.’ He said thinking about the last few missions he was a part of on the Vesta. ‘Rightfully so, let us hope they will accept our help,’ he said as he was about to open his mouth to speak but was interrupted by the chime of his door.

“Computer, pause log.” Tajir replied before turning to the door, “enter.” Tajir replied looking at the Chief Petty Officer, which was the Officer of the Watch. “What can I do for you?” Tajir asked wondering why he was being bothered.

“Sorry to disturb you, sir, there is a Commodore Uzoma Ekwueme requesting to speak to you. It seemed to be urgent,” the officer said looking at the Captain.

Raising an eyebrow, “alright patch him through to my office.” Tajir replied as the office nodded and headed out of his office and Tajir sat down at his desk. He straightened out his uniform before he turned on his computer.

“Good morning Commodore,” Tajir began getting the niceties out of the way as he could tell he wasn’t here for chit-chat.

Nodding in return, “Captain I’ll get straight to the point. We have received a distress signal from Caldos.” Ekwueme began as he gaged the Captain and his reactions while he was speaking with him. “They are requesting help in repairing their weather control systems including their seismic stabilizers. They have already experienced one earthquake, it was a mild one.” The Commodore replied as Tajir listened closely to what was said.

He knew about Caldos and what the seismic stabilizers are for, “how long do we have before there is another one?” Tajir asked looking at him knowing that the next one could be more devastating than the last one.

“They are unsure, they don’t have the necessary equipment to give an accurate reading.” Ekwueme replied, “it could be days or even hours. You are the closest ship available, I need you to get there as quickly as possible and help them. I will be sending you the information needed,” He replied.

“Understood sir, we will alter course, sir,” Tajir replied.

“Keep me apprised of the situation, Ekwueme out.” The screen of the computer turned back into the Starfleet symbol.

Standing up from his desk, “computer end log.” He replied as it was going to be pointless in finishing it at that moment. Walking out onto the bridge, he looked at Sato as well as others on the bridge.

“We are altering course, I just received a call from Command with an urgent distress call. Caldo’s is requesting assistance in repairing their weather control systems including their seismic stabilizers. They have already experienced one minor earthquake, the next one could be more deadly.” Tajir said as he looked around the room before settling his eyes back on Sato who was at the helm.

“Change course to Caldo maximum warp,” Tajir replied.

“Aye sir,” she replied before tapping a few buttons on her console before looking back at the Captain. “Course and speed are set waiting for orders,” she replied.

“Engage,” Tajir replied as he felt the ship change course and increase speed. Sitting down in his chair. Tapping his commbadge, “Lieutenant Kyle, Lieutenant Macomb, Commander Hyden report to the conference room within the hour.” Tajir replied as he stood up and headed into the conference room to prepare for his meeting.

He began to pull up information that the Commodore had sent over about Caldos and the weather control system schematics. He wanted to prepare before he talked to the three main ones that would be involved. Though the others would help with cleanup and such that was needed.