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Crew Physicals: Q’orvha

Sickbay, USS Aquarius
Day 0
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Q’orvha had almost forgot about her appointment for her initial physical in sickbay…partly because the ship’s surgeon had not yet stalked her down the hallways of the ship to physically drag her to a biobed, as sometimes occurred on Klingon Vessels with reticent patients. Throughout the KDF and the various privately operated House fleets, Klingon Medical Officers varied greatly in skill and mannerisms…many were little more than glorified combat medics pressed into the role and if you managed to get a mere “meatball” triage surgeon, let alone a fully accredited and educated physician, it was a sign of either luck, favour, or that your Captain had just taken an enemy medical officer as a trophy from a raid and pressed them into service…

…and things got even worse when a ship went pirate, as Q’orvha had done with her bird of prey…You could get rather talented doctors actually, it would tend to just cost you more then you bargained for, by dealing with the Orion Syndicate or by hiring on otherwise competent physicians who had their medical licenses revoked for a rather serious reason…and kidnapping officers was a much riskier proposition without the backing of an entire fleet and empire behind you and your vessel to ward off retaliations and rescue attempts.

So it was with all of that in mind, that Q’orvha approached her first physical of her assignment to the Aquarius, with a little trepidation…not that she let that show, as she strode boldly through the main doors and into the Sickbay proper, barking out a demand from under her shadowed hooded robe. “I seek this ship’s Chief Physician! I am here for my physical!”

Elisha had heard the doors to the sickbay swish open and had just been about to make his way out of his office when he’d heard the bellowing of what sounded like a very interesting individual. Walking out he surveyed the room and his eyes lit upon the form of a Klingon female dressed in a hooded robe. His eyebrows raised slightly, and then he approached her, having to tilt his head up a bit to be able to look her in the eyes.

“Seek no more,” he said with a bit of a smile. “Step over here and have a seat, this won’t take long.” he said, motioning her towards the nearest biobed.

“I’m Elisha, or Lieutenant Macomb, or even Doctor if that’s more your style. I believe you are our stratops officer, is that correct?” he asked as he studied the bed’s readouts and then picked up a medical tricorder to start doing a more detailed scan.

“An easy guess, Doctor.” Q’orvha answered, grimacing slightly as the bright light from the medical tricorder’s scanner crossed over her face. “Tch…even if I was to wear the uniform, I would still probably standout rather noticeably…not much difference then any other part of my past life, I suppose.”

“Well, I mean the good looks, the robes, you do cut a very demanding figure,” Elisha said with a cheeky grin and a mischievous glint in his eye. He finished his scan and snapped the tricorder shut. “So, anything you want, or need to report? Any recent injuries, illnesses, an illicit stash of bloodwine we can just keep between ourselves?” he asked as he leaned back against the biobed behind him and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Other then the very recent wound to my sense of professional decorum, inflicted by a young doctor…no.” Q’orvha responded, narrowing her gaze and studying the physician, her tone was cold but her face remained emotionless…more like a Vulcan in that moment, instead of a Klingon. “As a policy, I do make a habit of indulging in bloodwine…and any stashes that I may or may not maintain, would be for materiel of far more practical use…now have I question for you, Doctor.”

“…how are your are stereotypes?” The Klingon asked, her lips slowly turning into a wry grin. “They appear to have just suffered a rather severe disembowelment.”

Elisha gave her a level stare and then burst out laughing. “I think I’m going to like working alongside you, Commander. I’ve never had the ability to serve long term with any Klingons,” he said. “In fact, my only real experience with Klingons was shorts bursts at the Academy and a few very short interactions when I was on my last posting.”

“Then as your first actual case study, be warned that most Klingons would not consider me to be amongst their number.” Q’orvha replied. “Back to my health status?”

He uncrossed his arms and held out his hand. “So far as I can see from my scans you are in very near-perfect health, I’m clearing you for duty. If you ever need me, please feel free to stop by. Even if it’s just to give me another well-needed scolding,” he said with a grin.

Q’orvha glanced down at the doctor’s hand and then back to the man himself. “…good. I shall inevitably do so. Do you have any further questions?”

Still smiling, enjoying the woman’s very brusque demeanor more than she probably knew, Elisha shook his head and lowered his unshaken hand. “No, not at this time. What about you? Do you have any questions for me?” he asked, trying to get her to open up a bit. He’d obviously gotten off on the wrong foot, with her, completely unintentionally, and he wanted her to know that she could trust him, he just had to figure out how best to communicate that to someone he’d already managed to make angry.

”No, not at this time.” The Klingon woman echoed in response. “I am sure that if I do have any questions, I shall, as you said, ‘stop by’.”

With that, Commander Q’orvha turned brusquely on her heels, causing her heavy robe to briefly rise up in the swift motion, and made her way to the door. “Do not take this the wrong way, Doctor.” She said, stopping at the hallway door. “…but I, like most patients I am sure, hope to see of little of you and this particular room as possible in the future.”

Elisha stayed where he was a few more moments, a bemused expression on his face, and then gave a brief chuckle and headed off to see what else he needed to be doing.

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