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Reporting In

USS Aquarius
December 2399
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Zane pressed his right index finger on the button, hearing the chime ring in the Captain’s Ready Room from the other side of the door, and so he lowered his arm only to bring his right hand behind him, clasping it with his left and resting them on the small of his back as he waited for entry.

Looking up, “enter.” He said.

Zane quickly checked his uniform as if something were out of place but nothing really was and so he watched the door halves split open. Zane walked on through and stopped right before the desk. “Lieutenant Zane Bates, reporting for duty, sir.”

“Ah, welcome Lieutenant please have a seat,” Tajir replied as he motioned for the chair in front of his desk, he quickly pulled up his file and began to look it over. “So, tell me about your last assignment?” He asked though he could clearly see in his record, he liked to get to know his senior staff by asking questions than just simply looking at a record.

Zane looked at the empty chair the Captain referred to before stepping over in front of it and sitting right down, making sure he was sitting up straight but still comfortable. He refrained from drumming his fingers against the armrests, not wanting to show any of the obvious nervous ticks, though he didn’t really feel nervous, just liked to keep busy. Zane smiled at the question before clearing his throat, “Well, I’ve served on board the Ajax since I was assigned to it after graduating from the Academy. I was part of the Security and Tactical Department as a Gamma Shift Security and Tactical Officer for about six years, but then there was a command change in the department itself, the Chief was offered First Officer onboard another vessel and my good friend James Byron became the new Chief, which got me elevated to Assistant Chief. Which is what I was for over seven years up until now.”

“Impressive, not many people have served on one ship for so long without jumping from assignment to assignment,” Tajir replied as he looked at him, the commitment was a definite plus. “So why the sudden change?” Tajir asked as he took a drink of the coffee he’s been drinking for the last hour through his different meetings with other senior staff members that came to check-in.

Zane smiled with a nod, “Yeah, in my junior years as an Ensign, I was very eager to jump ship at the chance of Assistant Chief or Chief on another vessel. But after I made Assistant Chief on the Ajax, as well as made plenty of friends, pretty much got over the part of being overconfident and I wasn’t so eager to leave anymore. I figured as long as I was patient, I’ll make Chief someday.” He stopped to think about the question, whether to be fully honest and give out the personal reasons or be mostly honest and remain professional. “My friend Byron wasn’t going to be leaving the Chief position any time soon and the First Officer of Ajax recommended me this ship when the position was open, so of course I applied for it. The Resolute Class is a major step up from Obena, so I saw it as a big opportunity.”

He nodded, “Though an Obena is still an impressive ship” Tajir commented.

Zane chuckled, “True. Size comparison and age between classes are nothing in firepower and roles that they operate.”

Nodding, “well I don’t have any further questions and I am sure you will want to get settled and check-in with your department.” Tajir replied looking at him for a moment, “again welcome aboard.”

Zane nodded before standing up, “Well I have an over-enthusiastic Ensign who has gone out their way to take care of most of the work for me, so shouldn’t take me long to see where the Department is at.” He then held out his hand to Tajir. “Pleasure meeting you, Captain. I am looking forward to serving under your command.”

He nodded in return, “dismissed.” Tajir smiled as he extended his hand again towards the Lieutenant as he stood up.

Zane shook the man’s hand before taking a step back, making sure to clear away from the seats before during a full one eighty and headed right out of the ready room. From here, he headed for his Department area to get one last thing done.