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Reporting for duty

Captain's Quarters
December 2399
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Jackson stepped of the Aquarius’s transporter pad. He presented the transfer orders to the security officer on duty. He then provided a DNA sample to verify it is indeed him.

Alton tapped the computer screen. “Computer. Current location of the captain.”

“Captain is in his ready room,” Came the reply of the computer.

Jackson walked to the nearest turbolift, and when it arrived and the doors opened, walked in. When the doors closed, “Captain’s ready room.” And the lift rose.

When he arrived, he pressed the chime to the captain’s ready room….and waited. Then finally, he heard the order to ‘enter’.

After a while the doors to his ready room chimed again, raising an eyebrow as he wasn’t expecting anyone else as all his senior staff had reported in already. “Enter,” came his reply as the doors to his ready room opened to reveal a Lieutenant Junior Grade. “Can I help you, Lieutenant?” Tajir asked wondering if the junior officer was lost on who to report to.

Jackson walked towards the captain. “Lieutenant Junior Grade Alton Jackson, reporting, sir.”

He looked at him then at his roster, “well usually you would report to the Chief Operations Officer but one has yet to be assigned to the Aquarius.” He replied as he motioned for him to have a seat as he pulled up his service record and looked it over for a moment.

Alton sat in the chair. “Of course, reporting to the Chief Operations Chief would be protocol, as you said, and as you mentioned, I knew that there was no Chief Operations Officer currently assigned to the Aquarius, captain.”

“So Lieutenant, until such time as we get a Chief you will be filling in as Acting, though there will still be some limitations.” Tajir replied looking at him, “You will do your duties and attend staff meetings but the paperwork part of the job I’ll take care of for the time being.” He replied, “Is that agreeable?” He asked.

Nodding, Alton replied. “Yes sir, but at some point, I would like to do the paperwork as well as attend the staff meetings… least be given a chance to do it, sir.”

“That will come in due time,” Tajir replied looking at him. “Could you tell me about your last assignment?” He asked.

“I was the assistant Operations Officer on the James T Kirk. When I came aboard, I had hoped to get the assistant position but didn’t get it until the Operations Chief transferred. I also started taking on other duties while on the Kirk. I spent some time in Engineering, as well as taking command classes. and was assigned the duty officer on the Gamma shift.” Alton looked at the captain. “The captain and the first officer gave me high marks for my work, sir.”

“Impressive,” Tajir replied looking at him. “I don’t have anything else, I will let you get settled in and checked in with the operations department.” Tajir replied looking at him, “we are not scheduled to depart until tomorrow morning.” Tajir added as he stood up extending his hand towards the Lieutenant, “you’re dismissed.”

Alton stood up and shook the captain’s hand. “Thank you sir.” He then turned and headed for the door.