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Endless Meetings

Captain's Ready Room
December 2399
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Tajir had heard that the Zebulon Pike had arrived and Lieutenant Kyle had come on board. He had sent word for her to come to his ready room as he wanted to meet her personally after doing this favor for her aunt. He had read her file and was impressed with her last posting, he realized he let his coffee get cold. Walking over to the replicator he decided to order himself a cup of earl gray tea, as too much coffee upsets his stomach.

Elizabeth took in the unfamiliar transporter room getting her bearings when the transporter operator grounded her, snapping her back to reality.  “Welcome to the Aquarius Lieutenant.  The captain said he wanted to see you when you arrived.”

“Of course Chief,” Elizabeth said with a polite smile. Inwardly she groaned.  She wanted to drop off her things in her quarters,  and head to engineering and get the captain at least a preliminary report before meeting the captain.   But, such as life on a starship. Schedules changed.  Especially at the pleasure of the captain.

Adjusting her grip on her instrument cases she gave the transporter chief a nod of appreciation and headed for the bridge.

She got several curious stares as she stepped off the turbolift onto the bridge ladened with musical equipment,  but she paid them no attention.  At the Captain’s door, she contorted her left arm and hit the door chime with an extended pinky while still carrying her violin.

Looking up, “enter”

Elizabeth entered the ready room upon invitation. Hastily freeing her hands she snapped to attention.  “Lieutenant Elizabeth Kyle reporting as ordered sir.”

Raising an eyebrow, “welcome Lieutenant.” Tajir replied as he looked at her stuff, “you could have dropped those off at your quarters before coming up here.” Tajir replied as the Chief has seemed to have gotten his words mixed around.

Elizabeth didn’t know what to say to that. She could feel her cheeks warm as she brushed in embarrassment. “Of course sir sorry, sir.”

“Don’t be sorry, I think the Chief took my meaning a bit too seriously.” Tajir replied with a smile, “welcome aboard the Aquarius.” He replied as he studied her for a brief moment as she took a seat in one of the chairs. “So, I have read your file and it is impressive Lieutenant,” Tajir said as he looked back down at the padd he was holding. “Getting a ship like the Miranda-class back to prime was quite the undertaking without being at drydock,” Tajir said as he looked up at her again.

“Yes sir,” she replied.  “It was a matter of careful planning. The hardest part was designing modern warp coils that would slot in and replace the old ones.  We limped around on one nacelle for two weeks.  Thankfully the Tholians cooperated and we didn’t need more than warp three.”

Tajir nodded, “I know the Aquarius is a newer ship though she just out of her first refit and I need an engineer with your experience keeping her up and running.” He replied as he sat there taking a sip of his coffee.

“No stranger to crazy long hours sir.  No one wants to work sixteen plus hours, but needs must.  I can’t promise nothing will go haywire,  but I can promise my one-hundred percent, and I expect the same from my team.”

“That’s all I ask, and let’s just hope nothing does on a new ship like the Aquarius.” Tajir replied as he looked at the padd for a moment, “here is your duty roster for your department.” He added handing her the padd, “it is free for you to edit to how it works for you. Will need daily reports on those at the beginning of your shift so I can keep track on my end to any changes and who is working what shift.” Tajir replied looking at the Lieutenant.

Elizabeth glanced over it,  “For now I don’t think any changes will be necessary, but I will be making tweaks over the next few weeks to optimize the department.”

“Very good,” Tajir replied. “Do you have any questions for me?” He asked looking at her for a moment more though he adjusted in his seat and sat forward a tad bit.

She thought for a moment and then nodded, “I have two.  The first pertains to me in particular.   What are your expectations?  Second, pertains to the ship. Do you have any concerns or issues that require attention?”

He sat there in thought for a moment, the first question threw him off just a tad bit but not for long. “The only expectation I have is to keep the ship and department running smoothly, and my office is always open if you have concerns.” Tajir replied looking at her, “as far as I know nothing but I’ll let you look things over once you get settled in and reported to your department through the ship should be ready to depart.” Tajir finished answering her second question with a smile.

“Once I drop my things off I’ll head to Engineering.  I’m more at home there than in my quarters anyway.   Expect a preliminary systems report within the hour and a full report by the end of the day.”

“Very good,” Tajir replied before standing up. “Again welcome aboard the Aquarius, if there are no further questions I’ll let you get settled in.” He replied as he extended his arm towards the woman in front of him.

Elizabeth took the hand, shook it, snapped to attention, and when formally dismissed make a sharp about-face pausing only long enough to collect her belongings and exit the office.